Artistic Swimming

DAY 1 | FINA Artistic Swimming World Series 2022 - USA & CAN - Virtual Event

"Please note that the submission of the routines for all teams participating at the first virtual leg of the 2022 FINA Artistic Swimming World Series was from 19th to 25th February 2022. The German Swimming Federation submitted their intention to withdraw on the 18th of March 2022. Please disregard any reference made to the German Swimming Federation team and their representatives since their participation at the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series has been withdrawn." The FINA Virtual Artistic Swimming World Series concept is to present, via webcast, a virtual event featuring previously filmed videos of routines from federations around the world. The videos will be sent in advance by federations and judged by a full panel of international FINA judges in advance of the webcast dates. In 2022, Canada and USA will jointly host and produce this event. The competition will be streamed on FINA.org on the 19 and 20 March 2022. Entry lists for the first virtual leg of the Artistic Swimming World Series - https://www.fina.org/competitions/2796/fina-artistic-swimming-world-series-2022/athletes?gender=&countryId= ▶▶ SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel: ▶▶ http://www.youtube.com/user/fina1908?sub_confirmation=1

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