Since 1974 … from swimmers … for swimmers…

As Malmsten´ s founders and key employees have a history as active swimmers; Malmsten has a broad expertise in what products the market needs. Our goal at Malmsten is to assist our clients in the creation of beautiful, profitable, functional and high-quality aquatic centres.

Our broad product range includes racing lane lines for swimming, open water and divisional, and a complete range of water polo equipment as well as a movable floor, starting blocks, different pool equipment and supplies for aquatics activities and much more.

We have been manufacturing, designing and developing commercial pool equipment since 1974 and most products are still made at our local plants in Sweden. We strive to be market leader in new and improved technology, designs and materials and are proud that Malmsten equipment can be found in aquatic centres across the world.

The Official FINA racing lane lines, made by Malmsten, is our most important export product and has been used in the competition pools at 8 Olympic Games and most FINA World Championships since its introduction in 1974.

The Official FINA water polo equipment, made by Malmsten, is a complete range of professional and junior high-end equipment.

We are a proud Official Supplier for FINA since 2009 and offer a broad range of knowledge and long experience which allows us to be your creative partner in any pool project.

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