Two-time World champion Aleksandr Maltsev of Russia clinched two gold medals in the mixed duet technical and solo routines last weekend (June 14-16) in Budapest, Hungary, on the occasion of the first ever FINA Artistic Swimming World Series Super Final.

After eight legs around thw world, the Series concluded in Budapest with the Super Final which gathered the circuit's best athletes based on the ranking, offering an attractive and rewarding prize money.

Entering a very successful season, Maltsev shared his dream for the World Championships with FINA press correspondent Gergely Csurka.


G.C.: What is the secret of your success?

A.M: “There is no secret in it at all. Each time, when we compete, we set ourselves the goal to perform such a way, as we have decided previously, as we have imagined. There are always certain "circumstances": tiredness, deconcentration, unexpected things, that can set our performance back.”

“Whenever we win, we always have the idea in mind to perform our programme at the highest possible level and perfection. Since the last World Championships I have changed my partner (Mayya Gurbanberdieva), it is our 8th performance with Mayya. This is the tenth and last time I have performed this programme. For the World Championships we have created a totally new programme. That is why it was important to do this programme as close to perfection as it could be. To our greatest pleasure this was the highest score we have ever got for this programme and I am really proud of it. I hope our next programme will be even better and of higher level.”

“I am already two times World champion and my goal is to win in the next World Championships in South Korea in both disciplines (technical and free) three weeks from now. We would be extremely happy if we could do that with the new programme showing an impeccable performance. When you win it is always a great pleasure and satisfaction, although you always have in your mind how you could do it even better, how to correct or improve minor mistakes.”

“This discipline is already an organic part of the World and European Championships and the World Series. I really hope, that after showing our programme at the next World Championships, it will be included in the Olympic programme in 2024, as the mixed pair is really spectacular and enjoyable for the audience. We are working hard on including this mixed pair programme into the already accepted disciplines and break the dominance of female programmes. This way more boys will be inspired to take up this sport and the artistic swimming will also get some momentum by raising its popularity.”

“It would be great to have more spectators on the grandstands of this discipline worldwide, and that more people learn about the beauty and elegance of this discipline.”