General Information

The mission of the FINA development programme is to elevate the importance of aquatics worldwide by providing a framework for increased participation, enhanced promotion, and global competitive success in the sport. Focusing its attention on: Promotion and support, education, governance & administration and high performance & training.


  1. To increase the proficiency and effectiveness of Continental Associations and National Federations
  2. To provide progressive educational opportunities for Coaches and Officials in all six FINA Aquatics disciplines
  3. To enable athletes in all six FINA aquatic disciplines to reach their full competitive potential
  4. To promote Aquatics as the largest sport community in the World 


FINA acknowledges the extraordinary nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing difficulties for the organization of safe events. In consideration of these extraordinary circumstances, the FINA Bureau issued below document to provide mandatory guidelines for the resumption of event in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic (“The FINA COVID-19 Guidelines”). The FINA COVID-19 Guidelines supplement existing FINA regulations for each FINA Development activity.