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USA and Canada will play on Sunday August 31 to win the world title after the sixth competition day at the FINA World Women’s Youth Water Polo Championships 2014 in Madrid, Spain, taking place at the Swimming Centre M-86.USA beat a very powerful Greece after penalties, finishing on a tie 9-9 after regular time. At the end, the score was 12-11, with Grab giving USA the qualification for the final with her decisive shot. Both teams, which have based their victories in these Championships on their defense, displayed an alternative-rich water polo, and theirs was the best match of the tournament so far.


The other finalist will be Canada, a team which never made any noise, but has managed to make their way to the final, fighting for the gold medal against the American team after having defeated Hungary. The European team had a slow start in the match due to the effort they had made the previous evening against host Spain. They began with a tough 0-5 score, which proved to be quite harmful for the rest of the match.

Lower in the table, Italy defeated Spain 6-10. The local squad was showing signs of yesterday’s narrow defeat in quarterfinals against Hungary after a very tight ending due to the illusion they had to please their public.


USA vs GRE - credit: RFEN / Quintín García


On the other hand, a solid Netherlands beat China with a 10-6 score in another very physical match, and will play for the fifth place against the spirited Italian team.

Russia, led in the attack by Maria Borisova (who scored 5 goals), ended ninth in these World Championships after defeating Japan with a 8-15 score. Australia got the 11th place after a comfortable victory against South Africa with a 14-4 score.


ESP vs ITA - credit: RFEN / Quintín García


Carlee Kapana (USA):
“The first half has been very fast-moving, and we have been more out of the match, but in the second half we’ve managed to grasp better Greece’s rhythm. We are very happy with the effort we’ve made, and for being in the final.”

Carlota Nencha (Italy):
“It has been a good match, at a high level. We are very happy because we wanted to beat Spain. Last year we lost to them at the European Championships, and that’s why we begun with a clear motivation to win.”

Statistics from Day 6 matches:

Game 39, 11th-12th place: AUSTRALIA 14-12 SOUTH AFRICA
Quarters: 2-2, 3-0, 4-0, 5-2

Referees: Keisuke Shimizu (JPN) and Cesar Rivera (PUR)

Australia: Tess Hosking, Amy Ridge (2), Georgia Millonville (1), Monique Rebelo, Pla Rodgers, Chelsea Allen (4), Emily Mlgowan (1), Georgia Hole (1), Lena Mihailovic (3), Maddy Steere (2) and Octavia Bellekens. Head coach: Jack Lusic.
South Africa: Nicole Schumann, Amber Penney (1), Yamkela Latila, Emma Hardham (3), Tayla Louw, Nina Cressey, Cara Ann Stubbs, Alex van der Walt, Ruby Versfeld, Caitlin Schreuder, Erin Sims, Megan-Jame Thompson and Nicole James. Head coach: Bevan Manson.

Action goals: AUS (9) / RSA (4)
Man up goals: AUS (4/10) / RSA (0/4)
Penalty goals: AUS (1/1) / RSA (0/0)

Game 40, 9th-10th place game: JAPAN 8-15 RUSSIA
Quarters: 2-2, 3-4, 1-7, 2-2

Referees: Zsolt Marjay (HUN) and Radu Matache (ROU)

Japan: Minami Shioya, Marina Tokumoto, Yuri Kazama (1), Kana Sasaki, Chiaki Sakanoue (1), Misaki Noro, Kotori Suzuki (1), Akari Inaba (1), Shiori Ogawa (3), Aki Izumi, Minori Yamamoto and Yumi Arima (1). Head coach: Hideo Katoh.
Russia: Alina Litovchenko, Daria Gerzanich (3), Maria Borisova (5), Elena Kotanchyan (1), Olga Koryakina (1), Ekaterina Iakusheva, Anna Karvchenko (4), Taisiia Sorokina, Bella Khamzaeva, Alena Serzhantova (1) and Polina Iushkova. Head coach: Aleksandr Naritka.

Action goals: JPN (5) / RUS (13)
Man up goals: JPN (2/6) / RUS (0/4)
Penalty goals: JPN (1/1) / RUS (1/2)

Game 41, Semi Final for 5th place: NETHERLANDS 10-6 CHINA
Quarters: 4-2, 1-1, 2-2, 3-1

Referees: Nicholas Hodgers (AUS) and Konstantinos Kyranis (GRE)

Netherlands: Laura Aarts, Maud Megens (5), Bieigitte Sleeking, Aan Femke, Maartje Keuning (2), Lizette Rozeboom (2), Brigit Mulder, Maud Koopman, Kitty Joustra, Ilse Koolhaas, Anouk Bergsma, Bente Rogge (1) and Jalou Vanhelsuwe. Head coach: Jan Vos.
China: Xueying Wang, Ying Zhai (1), Yanan Bi, Zewen Deng (2), Chenying Li, Xiaohan Mei, Yiwen Lu, Jing Zhang (1), Dunhan Xiong (1), Yini Cai, Huan Wang (1) and Jingying Wu. Head coach: Wenhua Li.

Action goals: NED (8) / CHN (5)
Man up goals: NED (2/2) / CHN (5/6)
Penalty goals: NED (0/0) / CHN (1/1)

Game 42: SPAIN 6-10 ITALY
Quarters: 1-1, 2-5, 1-3, 2-1

Referees: John Waldow (NZL) and Joseph Peila (USA)

Spain: Ana Sabugal, Paula Crespi (1), Anna Gual, Carla Abellán (1), Carla Tohá, Irene González (1), Marina Cordobés, Hana Vilanova, Judith Forca (1), Amanda Triviño, Marta Mota (1), Julia Tazueco (1) and Inmaculada Bello. Head coach: Juan Carlos Sanchón.
Italy: Divina Nigro, Giusy Citino (3), Martina Gottardo (1), Silvia Avegno (1), Chiara Ranalli (1), Maddalena Fisco, Domittila Picozzi (2), Luna di Claudio, Arianna Gragnolati (1), Carlotta Nencha, Elena Altamura and Carolina Ioannou (1). Head coach: Paolo Zizza.

Action goals: ESP (3) / ITA (10)
Man up goals: ESP (3/14) / ITA (0/8)
Penalty goals: ESP (0/1) / ITA (0/0)

Game 43, Semi-finals: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 12-11 GREECE (after penalty)
Quarters: 2-5, 4-0, 0-3, 3-1, 0-0, 0-0, 3-2

Referees: Marcela Mauss (GER) and Mario Dalli (MLT)

USA: Carlee Kapana, Christiana Manzella, Haley Wan, Mary Brooks (2), Madison Berggren, Jordan Raney (1), Devin Grab (1), Katherine Klass, Aria Fischer (3), Makenzie Fischer (2), Brianna Daboub and Maddeline Mussleman (3). Head coach: Marcelo Leonardi.
Greece: Eirini Patra, Eleftheria Plevritou (5), Ioanna Chidirioti (1), Nikoleta Eleftheriadou, Vasiliki Plevridou (2), Eleni Xenaki (2), Michaela Vasiliki Kalogerakou, Maria Sora (1), Virginia Niarchakou and Ioanna Stamatopolou. Head coach: Georgios Morfesis.

Action goals: USA (6) / GRE (9)
Man up goals: USA (3/7) / GRE (0/9)
Penalty goals: USA (3/5) / GRE (2/5)

Game 44: HUNGARY 9-10 CANADA
Quarters: 0-5, 3-1, 4-3, 2-1

Referees: Svetlana Dreval (RUS) and Fabio Collantoni (ITA)

Hungary: Gabor Kincso, Dorottya Szilagyi (1), Csenge Toth, Greta Gurisatti (4), Brigitta Horvath, Tamara Farkas (1), Dora Leimeter (1), Szonja Kuna (2), Orsolya Hertzka, Viktoria Varga, Zsusanna Mate and Alexandra Kiss. Head coach: Mattyas Petrovics.
Canada: Ymane Hage, Taylor Vijh, Amy Yute, Emma Wright, Joëlle Nacouzi, Axelle Crevier (1), Auriel Bill, Hayley McKelvey (2), Sarah Myers (1), Kelly Matthews (1), Kindred Paul (2), Kyra Christmas (3) and Alicia Magliocco. Head coach: David Paradelo.

Action goals: HUN (6) / CAN (10)
Man up goals: HUN (1/5) / CAN (0/7)
Penalty goals: HUN (2/2) / CAN (0/0)


Courtesy of Rodrigo Gil-Sabio, RFEN