FINA Communication Department

Following the FINA Doping Panel decision to not apply any anti-doping violation sanction to Ms Yulia Efimova (RUS), FINA would like to clarify that:

1. FINA’s decision strictly follows the WADA notice and recommendation on Meldonium with regard to results management;

2. The very low concentration of Meldonium in Ms Efimova’s samples determined the conclusion that the athlete had committed “no fault or negligence” in this case, as per the latest WADA's notice on meldonium.

Case timeline - Ms Yulia Efimova

Between February 15 - March 30 2016, the athlete was tested positive for Meldonium six times in total (1x by FINA and 5x by USADA).

1 March 2016: First positive test for Meldonium was notified to FINA from laboratory, followed by five more adverse analytical findings for Meldonium

14 March 2016: Provisional suspension implemented by FINA

20 May 2016: Provisional suspension lifted following WADA's recommendation

12 July 2016: Final decision not to apply a sanction following latest WADA's notice on meldonium