Russell McKinnon, FINA Media Committee

Gwangju, South Korea, July 14.— United States of America and Spain were winners on the second day of the FINA World Championship beach water polo women's tournament at the Nambu University Grounds in Gwangju.

USA turned a 6-4 halftime scoreline into an impressive 16-6 advantage over Australia, both traditional beach-going countries.

In the other encounter, Spain led 10-7 against China at halftime and progressed to 21-16 thanks to a last-gasp frenzy in the final seconds.

USA, containing national senior squad members were on fire and had better fitness in the second half when Jamie Neushul fired six of her eight goals.

USA head coach Chris Lee said:

"This group is really talented and they just understand the game so well. With beach being new for all of us, having such smart players has made it easier to adjust even from minute to minute. There are three players who have won a FINA World Championship on this roster and then we have two players still in high school who have been crushing it. Watching them come together and learn from each other has been so cool.

"The biggest challenge is just how new it is for all of us. But I think the beach water polo game favours teams that are in great shape, understand the game well and have a really high level of skill. With only three field players there’s nowhere to hide so everyone has to be involved all the time and this team has been relentless."

Australian player Michaela Davies said: "It takes a little bit to get us going, especially getting used to the rules. What we learnt against Spain yesterday, we applied everything today.  Our girls stuck to it then our attack was better than yesterday, converting our attempts. It puts us in a good position for our match with China in two days. We are slowly adapting to the rules and it's coming easier and easier. I'm stoked with the timeouts. It means we effectively have four quarters."

Australian assistant coach Scott Nicholson said:

"Taryn (head coach Taryn Woods) and I are real proud of the team. The difference was fitness in the end. They are coming off the senior team training while we were picked just four weeks ago. We proved we could hang on to them for a long time. It was the fighting Australian spirit they showed so we are very proud of them."

Spain dazzled in the dying moments against China, but Spanish head coach Javier Aznar said he was not happy with the way China grabbed and stifled the game — a game that allows creativity and urges movement at all times.

"This game was complicated, very strong, very catch, no momentum and no velocity, with more fight.

"Spain is a more agile team with block, pick and roll, but this was not allowed today. China's tactics did not allow momentum. The team did not enjoy that play. However, the victory was important. Today was not a good play for Spain."

The final minute was where it all happened, freeing up the action. Spain was 19-14 ahead at 0:41 and yet the score finished at 22-16. The last three goals came in the final six seconds.

The focus turns to men on Monday when France plays China and Canada faces Argentina.