The Ethics Panel shall consist of six members elected by the General Congress for a term of 4 years on a proposal of the Bureau. The President shall appoint the chairperson of the Ethics Panel from amongst its members.

A person may not serve on the Ethics Panel if he or she:

  • is a member of the FINA Bureau, a Technical Committee, a Specialized Committee or other Judicial Panel,
  • cannot speak English or French,
  • has no knowledge of Aquatics as well as FINA,
  • is a member of the Bureau of the Continental or Regional Organisations.


The matters are transferred to the Ethics Panel by the Executive. At least three members of the Ethics Panel (as determined by the Chairperson), shall be appointed as required on a case by case basis, investigate, hear and determine any matter. The Ethics Panel shall investigate, hear and determine any alleged violation of the FINA Code of Ethics or the FINA Rules on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions (PMC), and to impose sanction(s) as set out in C 24.9 and C 24.10, referred to it by the Executive. 
The Ethics Panel shall act in accordance with the principles of natural justice and shall determine its own procedure. If a member of the Ethics Panel should die or resign, a replacement shall be decided by the Bureau in compliance with until the next elections of the Ethics Panel.

For any violation of the Code of Ethics, the FINA Ethics Panel may impose any or more of the following sanctions:

  1. a warning or reprimand;
  2. a suspension for a fixed period of up to 4 years from holding office or other position held by an Official and/or until a specified set of conditions have been met to the satisfaction of the Ethics Panel;
  3. a return of any FINA award;
  4. a ban for a fixed period of up to a lifetime from taking part in any Aquatics related activity;
  5. a recommendation to the Executive of the notification of the matter to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

For any violation of the PMC, the Ethics Panel may impose, in addition to the sanctions provided for in C 24.9, the sanctions provided for in the PMC. The Ethics Panel may propose amendments to any FINA Rule relevant to its functions.
The Ethics Panel shall receive nominations and curricula vitae of the candidates from National Federations and/or Continental Organisations for all positions on the Bureau, FINA Committees, Judicial Panels, Honorary positions and make decisions on those nominations based on objective eligibility criteria for each position as determined by the FINA Constitution, FINA Code of Ethics and other FINA Rules as well as any other criteria determined by the Ethics Panel which must be established at least six (6) months before elections’ date and officially published on the FINA website. The decisions of the Ethics Panel regarding candidates shall be circulated among the National Federations, Continental Organisations as well as FINA Committees and FINA Panels at least one (1) month before elections’ date.


  1. Bill HYBL

    Date of Birth DOB
    16 Jul 1942
  2. Rashid ALANEZI

    Date of Birth DOB
    15 Dec 1954
  3. Abdon DEGUENON

    Date of Birth DOB
    30 Jul 1961
  4. Chris FYDLER

    Date of Birth DOB
    8 Nov 1972
  5. Jean GAY

    Date of Birth DOB
    12 Dec 1946
  6. Raymond HACK

    Date of Birth DOB
    17 Dec 1950

The FINA Ethics Panel made below decision on September 2021 in the case of Zhanna Gennadiyevna Demchenko. She is found to have violated Article V.C.4 of the FINA Code of Ethics

On 14 January 2022, the FINA Ethics Panel found that Mr. Javodilla Khasanov and Mr. Sherzod Inogamov violated Articles V.C.4 and V.C.5 of the FINA Code of Ethics. Mr. Inogamov and Mr. Khasanov were sanctioned with a period of ineligibility of 5 years from any activity related to Aquatics. 

On 2 December 2021, the FINA Ethics Panel rendered the decision below in the case of Ms. Jihong Zhou: