The Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) is committed to creating and preserving a sport setting that ensures positive, healthy, and fulfilling experiences for all individuals. In doing so, FINA prioritizes the welfare, safety, and rights of every participant at all times.

In furtherance of that objective, FINA has adopted the present Rules which are in harmony with the 2016 International Olympic Committee Consensus Statement on “Harassment and Abuse in Sport”.

Please refer to below document for more details.

FINA also created an Athlete Safeguarding Counsel, a group of (former) athletes and experts (medical, legal) supervising the processes as described in the Fina Rules On The Protection From Harassment And Abuse. The responsibility implies among others supervising correct implementation of the Rules, confidentially advising athletes on the procedures, raising awareness and advising FINA Bureau and FINA Executive.

Members of the Athlete Safeguarding Counsel:

  • Sarra Lajnef
  • Thiago Pereira
  • Anthony Ervin
  • Hinkelien Schreuder
  • Ashley Cox