Serbia BELGRADE White City –  Gateway to the Balkans.  "The kiss is a ticket to Belgrade.  If everywhere was like this-everything would be nice and wise," said once Duško Radović, a poet, journalist, aphorist and TV editor. The capital of Serbia and the metropolis with almost 2 million inhabitants, lies at the confluence of the Sava river into the Danube. You will recognize Belgrade by the spirit, by being  always in the mood for a good party, and immense drinking of coffee.

Proudly named the City of Culture, City of Inspiration, City of Sports and Festivals, Belgrade develops and changes fast, protecting its rich and diverse history within a unique blend of culture, architecture and urban spirit.
With some of the most attractive locations, Belgrade Fortress - the oldest cultural and historical monument, Skadarlija - the bohemian quarter in the city center, Knez Mihailova street, Old and New Royal Court, National Assembly, St. Sava’s Temple, Zemun and many others, Belgrade  undoubtedly makes a cultural center of the South East Europe.
Being one of the oldest European cities with the heritage which lasts over 5000 years, Belgrade cherishes the history, landmarks, monuments from the past, traditional art and famous attractions.