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Martina Grimaldi of Italy won her first title in the 25km in Moll de la Fusta harbour narrowly beating Angela Maurer of Germany. In the 10km distance Grimaldi owns a complete set of open water medals. She was the 10km champion in the 2010 Open water world championships in Roberval, Canada, finished second in the 2011 edition of the FINA World Swimming Championships in Shanghai, and earned a bronze in her own country during the Rome World Championships in 2009.Maurer hoped to celebrate her 38th birthday today with a gold medal but will have to settle for her second consecutive silver medal in this event.  The German swimmer won her first medal in the 25km, a bronze in the very first edition of the FINA Open Water Swimming Championships in Honolulu. Maurer was the world champion in this distance four years ago in the 2009 FINA World Swimming Championships in Rome. Two years ago she earned a silver medal in this event in Shanghai.  In this same harbour 10 years Maurer earned a silver medal finishing another Italian swimmer, Viola Valli in the 10K.

Eva Fabian of the USA finished in third place. Fabian won the 5km distance in Roberval, Canada in 2010.



Gold medal winner: Martina Grimaldi (ITA)

"I felt very good during the race and getting this gold medal is amazing. I felt that I swam at my best. Today is a great day in my life. The week didn't start in a good way and I was a little bit upset with my performances earlier this week.  But the end is the best because I was able to win the gold medal. The value of this medal is priceless."

Silver medal winner: Angela Maurer (GER)

"I think this was a very difficult race for the women today. At the 10km mark the boys caught up with us and they pushed us to swim hard just to keep up with them. In the last 500m I just concentrated on my finish. We three women swam a great race today and I am happy to get a medal."

"Second place is fine but when I touched I saw my name in first place. At first it was hard to accept that I didn't win the race. I was thinking 'what did I do wrong?' But this is sport and I am happy to be here with a silver medal."

Bronze medal winner: Eva Fabian (USA)

"The 25km was my only race here and I had an advantage over the other women. I wish to congratulate them for their great race. Angela explained that the boys caught up with us and it was just mayhem. I felt good in the beginning of the race, a little bit tight in the middle but it was great to end up with a bronze medal at the finish."