Shinji Higashijima, FINA Press Correspondent in Japan

The Japan Swimming Federation has announced the team to take part in the Asian Games at the Tokyo-Tatsumi International Swimming Complex  in early September. The Asian Games will be held in November 12-27 in Guangzhou, China. 29 swimmers, with breaststroke ace Kosuke Kitajima in the lead, will compete at the Games.

The 86th All Japan Universities Championships - the Japan Intercollegiate Championships, like the NCAA in the USA, successfully ended.  In the men's field, Chukyo University won the title of the championships for the first time in its history. In the women,'s competition, Yamanashi-Gakuin University  obtained the title for the second consecutive time.  Backstroke specialist Ryosuke Irie swam very smoothly both in the 100m and 200m., clocking 53.22 and 1:56.45 respectively. Compatriot Naoya Tomita did a very good job too in the 200m backstroke, timing 2.08.94, which  places him  second in the world ranking after Kosuke Kitajima. Besides, five meet records were broken. The three-day championships were pretty much crowded with more than 12,000 spectators. 128 universities with a little less than 1,900 swimmers attended the championships.

In warer polo, among men, the Nippon Sports Science University beat the University of Tsukuba, 10-8.  The  women's  competition featured demonstration games only. Tokyo Women’s College of Physical Education climbed to the top, knocking down Nippon Sports Science University, 8-1. In diving, among men, the University of Tsukuba won, while among women, the Nippon Sports Science University obtained the title.

More aquatics news with the National Sports Festival Kokutai in Japan, which is scheduled to start on September 10 in Chiba-ken, Japan. More than 37 events including Swimming, Track and Field, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Judo, Sumo and much more will be held.

The 2010 Japanese Olympic Committee Cup Championships, one of the biggest sport event in Japan, was held on August 30, 2010, gathering more than 3,700 swimmers and 20,000 spectators, at the Tokyo-Tatsumi International Swimming Complex. The Combined Team Victory Trophy went to Itoman Swimming School. The Swimmer of the Championships award was attributed to Risa Sekine (Watermates Swim Club) for girls and Kousuke Hagino (Miyukigahara SS) for boys. Mikio Kurose ( Watermates SC) and Satoru Maeda(Miyukigahara SS) were awarded with the Coach of the Championships Trophy.