Anna Kozina, FINA Media Committee Member (RUS)

Russia was successful today in the team technical routine, winning the third gold medal in synchro events at the FINA World Championships in Budapest. China and Japan – on the podium too.

The Russians displayed one more wonderful performance of their gold tech routine from Rio Games – “The rhythms of the city”. It was strong in technique, notwithstanding the changes in names. Six girls joined Olympic Champions Vlada Chigireva and Maria Shurochkina. By the way among them was Darina Valitova, ex-partner of Aleksandr Maltsev and world champion in mixed duet free program in Kazan-2015.

The Russian team happy with their victory

Russia's Head coach Tatiana Pokrovskaya decided to keep the program on purpose. As she said, it’s a good school for the newcomers.

And the girls managed to please her. Their performance in the final was better, than in the preliminary round and thus the marks were higher - 95,0121 up to 96,0109 points.

Team China, that completed the squad only 5 weeks ago, and Japan both defended their silver and bronze medals, won two years ago (94,2165 and 93,1590 respectively).

Team China, silver 

The final ranking of the final is as follows: 1.RUS, 2. CHN, 3. JPN, 4. UKR, 5. ITA, 6. ESP, 7. CAN, 8. MEX, 9.GRE, 10. PRK, 11. USA, 12. BLR

Japan, bronze

The competition resumes on July 19 at 11am with the final of the solo free event.


Team Russia, gold

“We have a new team. That’s why we were nervous about our performance. The newcomers don’t have enough experience of competing at such important championships. Well, to tell you the truth, we are always concerned about the result – not the scores but the performance in general. We are very happy with the marks in the final, we improved after the prelims. Although there is no limit for excellence. Because, first of all, we have to overcome ourselves.”

Team China, silver

“Our tech routine is very difficult to execute. The main reason for that - we perform in a new roster too. Any way we try to follow the Russian team, to get closer and closer. We’ll try to achieve the higher level in the free program.”

Team Japan, bronze

“This is our first medal in this tournament. We would like to cast our team as one of the leading nations in synchronized swimming. So to gain this bronze was very important for us. It was hard, but we managed to get a medal. We are satisfied for now. We would like to be better, to progress in future.”