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Dutch swimming legend Ranomi Kromowidjojo is ready to face her all time rival Sarah Sjostrom (SWE) this weekend in Indianapolis (USA) for the ultimate leg of the FINA Champions Swim Series 2019 (May 31 – June 1).

“Sarah is always swimming very fast. But every time, I try to swim my best and focus on my race even if it is always nice to face her in an event. Of course, I would love to beat her.”

Flying straight from the Netherlands on Tuesday May 28, the Swimming World Cup star explains how she fitted this key competition into her busy preparation schedule.

“Because in total it requires an only four-day trip to come and participate in this event, we managed to fit it in our busy training schedule. In order to adapt as well as possible I was trying to stay up late and wake up later in Europe to get accustomed to the U.S time zone.”

“For me, this is the best training opportunity I can get anyway. Racing against the world’s best swimmers. It is really good preparation for the World Championships.”

The 28 years-old sensation is impressed by the concept of the Champions Swim Series.

“I love the idea. Two-day event and only four swimmers, what a cool concept! I like that the stars are shining in the water. I really love racing against the best swimmers so I am really looking forward to entering this event.”

“I was really disappointed that I couldn’t swim in Budapest because I had a training camp at the same time.” regrets the sprinter.

“But I expect a big show here, in Indianapolis. China was great! They have definitely made some improvements.”

“I think the sports presentation is really nice. As an athlete, I don’t get to see much of the show in between the races, I just focus on my race. But when I am behind the block I feel and absorb the atmosphere. The crowd and the music, the light show are so important. The pool here and the branding look amazing so I hope there will be a great atmosphere tomorrow on Friday and Saturday.”

Kromowidjojo has a strong voice within the swimming community and she always advocates for the sport. Mindful of the current landscape she acknowledged:

“This competition fits really well in this new landscape. Swimming is getting more popular and the image of the sport is slowly improving to attract more fans. Efforts are made to make it look more like a TV show. In Europe, especially in the Netherlands, swimming is not broadcast much on TV so with an event like the Champions Swim Series, we are hoping to be more present in the news. It is really attractive for us to swim these types of meets.”

Asked about what she would change if she was in charge, Kromowidjojo hesitated for a while before replying:

“I really like the four-swimmer format, that is for sure and the light show… Maybe I would end the competition with a funny relay, like an 8x50m free relay or so… Something completely out of the standards would be funny.”

Always turned towards what’s coming next with strong priorities, Kromowidjojo concluded:

“I am really looking forward to the World Championships and then the Olympic Games. A year and a half ahead of the Olympics, something in my body is getting excited. Little fires are burning more and more. I also really love the World Championships and after that milestone it is the Olympic season so the best season there is and I really hope to qualify.”

“The next 14 months are going to be really nice.”

She will be swimming four times in Indianapolis: the 100m free and the 50m back on Friday and the 50m free and 50m fly on Saturday.

You can watch all the races Live Streamed on FINAtv.