Lucia Santiago, FINA Press Correspondent from Spain

The bar was high because the first day of competition had left great emotions, but this Saturday also left intense and exciting moments in Barcelona. Specially, for Ukraine. Marta Fiedina captured a gold medal with her solo free routine. Ukraine also dominated the highlight and the team combination while Russia took the gold medal at the mixed duet technical routine in the second day of competition in the eighth leg of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series.

Ukraine's Marta Fiedina caused a great impact with her "Secret of future". She made a consistant performance and improved the silver medal that she had obtained at the solo technical routine on Friday.

Marta Fiedina scored 91.7000 points and beat Japan's Mako Sawada (85.6333) and Great Britain's Kate Shortman (85.6000).

Kate Shortman was specially happy and celebrated with tears her place in the podium.

"It means everything, it's a very difficult routine," Shortman said.

"Definitely it is challenging when you are the first swimmer. You feel some nerves but now I am so happy", she added.

USA's Anita Alvarez (84.3333) was also satisfied with her forth position.

"This solo is very personal and means a lot for me. The song (Confessions, by Jessie J) is emotional and it is unique. I was able to enjoy it during the competition. I think that I did it really well. I haven't seen it yet, but I tried to experience the routine. I am happy because it is my first big swim. I am excited and I will keep working", Anita Alvarez explained.

Andrea Fuentes, head coach of team USA, said that behind this routine there is "so much personal and mental work" as the song reflects Anita's story.

"Her confidence was low at the beginning, but now she is opening up and this is only the beginning of a great story. Today she has shown herself as she is. Natural things are always beautiful and she has been natural", Andrea Fuentes, 4-times olympic medalist, celebrated.

At the afternoon, the highlight routines brought fun and joy to the Sant Jordi pool, sold out for Saturday session.

France opened the competition with "Cancan", a typical music in the country. French swimmers earned 87.2000 points and finished in third position after Ukraine (92.8333) and Spain (90.1000).

Local supporters vibrated with the energy of their swimmers. The routine was based on the song ThunderStruck, by AC/DC.

"We love swimming this routine and we have enjoyed it a lot", Spain's captain Meritxell Mas said.

At the mixed duet technical routine, Mayya Gurbanberdieva and Aleksandr Maltsev scored 90.4055 points and win gold.

"We are happy, as usually, although it has not been our best routine. We know that we can to improve so we will do a better job next time", Aleksandr Maltsev said.

USA's Natalia Vega and Bill May took silver (87.5144) and Spain's Emma Garcia and Pau Ribes took bronze (84.9049).

"Thinking about the next World Championships, in Korea, our objective is to win the technical routine and the free routine. We want to show mixed duets to different countries too. Every competition is an opportunity to show our sport. We want to reach bigger audiencies and a bigger public. We want to see mixed duet inside the Olympic programme in 2024. It is very important to show more and more mixed duets. In each country we can see a lot of duets because our discipline is growing", Aleksandr Maltsev said.

He was world champion twice and he want to repeat as world champion in Korea next July.

The last event of the day in Barcelona was the free combination final. Ukraine showed again its power and captured the third gold medal of the day with 92.6333 points. Japan claimed the silver medal. Spain finished third with ten junior swimmers.

- The final session in Barcelona:
Sunday June 2
09.00 Free Duet
13.00 Free Mixed Duet
16.45 Free Team
20.00 Exhibition Gala

Photos / Jordi Lopez - FCN