Group C — Sopron


The Spaniards had one goal — to score as many goals as possible and increase its goal difference. The Red Fury received  an A mark in this exam, as it won 28-2. It was a spectacular and entertaining match between the sides. They tried to do their best to serve the crowd.

Match hero
The man of the match was Alvaro Granados, who scored six goals from 10 attempts, he was really enterprising this night. In the Spanish goal in this match, Eduardo Lorrio was the first choice, he played during the whole match, and South Africa tested him a lot, but his performance was excellent, saving 10 from 12. 

Bottom line
Now Spain can prepare for the biggest clash of the preliminary rounds against Italy, it’s going to be the rematch of the final of the 18th FINA World Championships men water polo tournament.

What they said
David Martin (ESP) – Head Coach
“The most important thing of this match was the goal-average. I don’t know what will happen in this group, but in the last game we’ll face Italy. The guys were concentrated, played well, and conceded only two goals. The match against Italy will be totally different, so we cannot be overconfident; it’s going to be a huge clash, just as in recent years.”
Vaughn Marlow (RSA) – Head Coach
“Spain is similar to Italy. Their players are world class, and they played for the better goal-average; unfortunately we were the victims of it. Other than that, of course, we want to play with top teams like the Spaniards. We made mistakes, that’s what I did not like, especially in the centres, but it’s a new team, and we have to get used to it. Our next game is the most important match in the group. At the moment, we know that they have small issues (Canada), but FINA is monitoring this case, I’m sure they will make the best decision for the teams, the water polo, and especially for the athletes. Hopefully we can play with Canada; we are here to play, and the guys came for that, but health and safety is the most important. Saturday is going to be hot, as a match for the top of the group, and a game for the third place.

ITALY v CANADA Postponed.

Group Progress Points: Spain 4, Italy 2, Canada 0, South Africa 0. (ITA-CAN not played).