The expectations at this first in-person international artistic swimming event were high, and the athletes did not disappoint. Today's performances showed resilience and proof that the athletes have continued training and preparing themselves regardless of the difficulties the world has brought them.

Duet Technical

The French team was able to successfully start the competition in front of their home crowd in the Technical Duet event. Oriane Jaillardon and Romane Lunel, clearly the audience’s favourites, received 83.7000 points to place first for their routine that they performed to the song Tico Tico by David Garrett featuring Arturo Sandoval.  

Scoring 82.7753 points to take second were Eleni Fragkaki and Krystalenia Gialama.  The Greek pair performed their impressively fast “Grunge Metal” routine to music by Nirvana.

Closing out the podium with a score of 82.4852 was the duo representing Israel, Shelly Bobritsky and Ariel Nassee.

Duet Free

In the Duet Free event Megumi Field and Natalia Vega, representing the USA, scored the highest score, 85.7667, for first place.  Field and Vega, also winners at the first World Series leg, are newly paired, but their performance of the fast-paced routine swam to electronic dance music leaves no doubt that they are well matched.

After placing third place in the Duet Technical earlier today, Israel’s Bobritsky paired with Nikol Nahshonov in the Duet Free to claim another medal, silver this time, with a score of 83.8000.

The fight for third was between the French duo Lalie Chassaigne and Sasha Comte and the runners-up from the Duet Technical event Greece’s Eleni Fragkaki and Krystalenia Gialama. When it was all said and done, Chassaigne and Comte with 83.2333, were able to add another podium placing to the home team’s impressive performance.

This was the first international competition for both the French athletes as well as for their Coach Marie Annequin. The athlete-turned-coach Annequin was France’s Team Captain for the past 10 years, and this routine themed “Angels” is a routine that has been performed highly successful in the past by the Tremble twins.

The second day of the second leg of the World Series in Paris will start at 8:45 am local time Saturday, 2 April, with the Women Solo Free Event. Be sure to follow the event live or get all the results here.