Girls 3m Springboard

Muller won the 1m springboard Final yesterday, and today she confirmed to be the best also from the 3m distance. She took the lead after the second dive (Reverse 2.5 somersaults) and did not leave her opponents any chance despite some imperfection in her last dive (405B - Inward 2.5 somersault). Her final score was 438.90 points, 1.6 points ahead Russia's Elizaveta Kuzina who got silver.  Chiara Pellacani of Italy is bronze medallist with 425.00. 

Jette Muller, the winner: ”I am really happy with my performance and I hope I will stand here after synchro final too. 1 meter was easy because I could do there more twists. It is easier to control your dive. Today the most difficult dive for me was the Inward 2.5 somersaults. I want to say that this pool brings me luck. Before that, I was in Kуiv three times. Actually it is my second home. ”

Elizaveta Kuzina, silver medallist:” "This is my first award at the World Cup, although I could have performed better, I missed the last dive. It was hard to dive in the morning, but in the evening I dived and everything was fine. So overall I'm happy. I like everything here, very good conditions: food, accommodation, the pool itself - all at the highest level. "

 Chiara Pellacani, bronze medallist: ”A medal is always a medal. I am satisfied with this result, although I could have dived better. I must say, I had very strong rivals.

Three of the 12 participants of Girls 3 m springboard final took part in the same final at the previous Junior World Diving Championship 2018 in Kyiv. The closest to the medal then was Yuliana Klueva (Russia), who took 4th place. Today she repeated her result. Steffanie Madrigal of Colombia, Emilia Nilsson Garip of Sweden and Ukrainian Anna Arnautova ranked 5 to 7, scoring within 6 points interval.

Boys 1m Springboard

New champions got crowned in the Boys B 1m springboard. In the absence of athletes from China and the United States, who led the last Junior World Diving Championships 2018, representatives of European countries and South America fought for places on the podium.

Jonathan Gisbert Schauer became world champion again after have claimed a Gold Medal in the A/B Boys 3m Synchro yesterday with his teammate Espen Prenzyna. Today he was competing from the 1m springboard to win his first individual title. He finished at his best performing a day-high in the last round of dives: 67.20 points for a Forward 2.5 Somersaults 1 Twist. The final score was 416.70. 

He said after the race “I am speechless, because it is my first Junior World Championship. Two finals and two golds! I even can not imagine that I will be the two-time world champion. The most difficult dive was 5152 B, because I have learned it just 2 weeks ago. Since I was 5 years old I have been doing diving and now I am very happy to see the result.” 

Colombian Tomas Tamayo Meneses won silver on 413.15 points. The Colombian was first before the last round of dives, but he didn't manage to finish at his top.

Tomas Tamayo Meneses, silver medallist: “Competitions were very difficult, very strong opponents. I coped with my goal and represented my country with dignity and this one was an honor for me. I have been diving for over 5 years and I am delighted with this success.”

 Matej Neveskanin, Croatia, made himself a wonderful gift for his 15th birthday - a bronze medal at the junior world championship.  (403.05 points).

Matej Neveskanin, bronze medallist: “This is the best gift I have ever imagined for my birthday! The open dive 303 B was the most difficult for me. And then everything went like clockwork. I also felt the support of my team. The guys cheered for me in the tribunes, I heard that. Thank them for that, they are the best! ”

Russian Sergei Trifonov was very close to the podium, he lacked 1. 2 points to bronze. Ukrainian Vladyslav Klimko finished the competition in 5th place. Russian Nikita Zhukov showcased a steady list with strong dives of 3.0 – 3.1 C and 3.0 D

Full Results

Competition Day 5 will be hot tomorrow. Launching on a very busy schedule will be two prelims in the morning session, followed in the afternoon by a highly spectacular Girls A/B synchro platform final passing the baton to the two Boys portions – in 1m A and 10m B platform.