The Ukrainian was the leader of the morning session with 338.15 points. In the final, after the first round of dive, Bailo was overtaken by the Russian Uliana Manaenkova, who was also looking for gold. Back to her level for the last dive, a Back 2.5 somersaults 1.5 twists, Kseniia Bailo regained the lead again to end in first place with 328.35 points

Manaenkova, who had 65.80 points for a reverse  2.5 somersaults, finished second (321.75). Ana Carvajal from Spain became the bronze medallist (297.60).

Kseniia Bailo, the winner: ”It was much easier to compete in the morning. Before the first dive in the final I was excited. Although I felt very well, I felt great, but something went wrong, and what - I do not understand, I still do not understand. But I did not want to let my medal go at all, I followed through and reached my goal. The preparation was tremendous, the training, there was a serious training session in Turkey and here is the result of our work. Before the competition I hoped to win, but I didn't 'wear a medal'. I want to thank our president of the Ukrainian Diving Federation Igor Lysov, my coaches, parents, friends, everyone who helped me!”

Ana Carvajal, bronze medallist: “I am very proud. I wasn't sure if I could win a medal. I didn’t count my points not to worry. I think, reverse 2 ½ somersaults was the most difficult for me today.” 


A serious fight for medals took place in Boys A/B 3 meters Synchro springboard. Russian duo was in the lead after three dives, but did not cope with the fourth, the most difficult in their program - reverse 3 1/2 somersaults. And eventually they finished the competition in 5th place.

Ukrainians Bohdan Chyzhovskiy -Danylo Konovalov also claimed victory, but Konovalov stepped on the edge of the springboard while doing forward  2 1/2 somersaults 1 twist. They won silver medals with 282.36  losing only half a point to the German duo Espen Prenzyna - Jonathan Gisbert Schauer.

Korean duo Dongmin Joung- Yeonglo Kim won bronze medals, 278.31. After the third dive forward 3 1/2 somersaults, for which they received 66.96 points, athletes consistently held the third position. 

Espen Prenzyna, the winner: "Exciting feelings. Me and Jonathan Gisbert  have been training in pairs for only 3 or 4 weeks, it is our first competition together and we have already won gold! We have been working hard during this short time and reached such a good result. Dive 305 B was the most difficult for me because I already was a little nervous, but we had to focus and we did it!"

Jonathan Gisbert Schauer, the winner: "I can not believe that we are the world champions! During the last jump, my heart was pounding so much that I thought it would jump out of my chest."


Bohdan Chyzhovskiy, silver medallist:

"I have wanted this award for two years, I planned to get it at the European Youth Championship, but it didn't work out and now I'm glad to have it. Although we lost in a half a point ,I'm very happy, incredibly happy. To avoid such mistakes, we need to train hard."

Danylo Konovalov, silver medallist: "With a fighting spirit we went to the start, tuned to get the first place. We didn't cope with the beginning of the first 403B dive, although we have trained it for a long time."

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