The composition of the elected FINA Bureau for the period 2021-2025, is as follows:

As per the FINA Constitution, the Chair of the FINA Athletes Committee Penny Heyns is also a ex-officio member of the Bureau, with voting right.

Finally, four other members were co-opted for the Bureau, as representatives of countries holding upcoming editions of FINA World Championships and Olympic Games: Khaleel Al Jabir (QAT), Gilles Sezionale (FRA), Vladimir Salnikov (RUS) and Balasz Furjes (HUN). 

Mr Al Musallam also proposed the nomination of Dr Maglione as FINA Honorary Life President. The Congress approved this proposal, and the immediate FINA President joins Mr Mustapha Larfaoui, also FINA Honorary Life President (since 2009, after 21 years in the FINA presidency).

The Congress also elected the FINA Ethics Panel and FINA Audit Committee for the period 2021-2025. The composition of these bodies is as follows:



  • Jan Exner (CZE)
  • Debendranath Sarangi (IND)
  • Gustavo Mastroianni (URU)


Immediately after his election, Mr Al Musallam made a short meeting of the new Bureau where he nominated the new FINA Executive Director, Mr Brent Nowicki (USA).


The creation of a Reform Committee (presided by François Carrard), and respective sub-committees has been also validated.


The FINA Congress also approved all the proposed changes related with changes in the Constitution, General Rules, Code of Ethics, Facilities and Doping Control Rules.


  • The Raise of prize money for athletes in 2021 for a value of US$ 2.4 million
  • The approval of the creation of a Reform Committee (presided by François Carrard), and respective sub-committees
  • The approval of Memorandum of Understanding with four universities for a programme of education and training for FINA athletes
  • Confirmation of the By-Laws establishing the procedure for the Athletes Committee election in May 2022

Both the election of officials and rules at the Congress were supervised by Swiss lawyer François Carrard.