A “short” entry on the forward 4 ½ somersault (109C). That was the sole minor mistake of Thomas Daley (GBR) in today’s final of the men’s 10m platform, at the FINA Diving World Cup in Tokyo (JPN). Displaying an almost flawless programme, the British star gave a very reassuring impression less than three months before the opening of the Olympic Games in the Japanese capital.

Daley got the gold at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre in 541.70, and was followed by Mexico’s Randal Willars (silver in 514.70) and by Canada’s Rylan Wiens (bronze in 488.55). 

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After the semi-final on Monday, everything indicated that Daley’s main challenger would be Ruslan Ternovoi from Russia, the first going to the final. But Ternovoi was not so solid this time, failing the entry already in the first round. From that point on, the Russian never seemed fully concentrated on his final, shaking once more on his fourth and sixth dive. 

With Ternovoi out of contention (he would finish ninth), the other protagonists of the final were Willars and Wiens. The Mexican was superb in his 109C combination (as with Wiens, they both got 94.35 points for this dive), reaching the 90-point score on two other rounds. Going into the last dive, Willars and Daley were separated by a mere four points, and had the same DD (3.6) for the final combination. It was when Willars made a small mistake, slightly over-rotating in his back 2 ½ somersaults 2 ½ twists (81.00), while the British was outstanding in a flawless back 3 ½ somersaults (104.40, including three perfect 10s from the judges). The outcome of the final was done.

Image Source: Toru Hanai / Getty Images

For the bronze, Wiens also performed consistently, only having problems in his 207C (back 3 ½ somersaults, with a short entry). Otherwise, he shone on the 109C, and got three 80+ scores throughout the final.

Outside the podium area, Timo Barthel (GER, 465.90) confirmed his good shape, while the second Canadian of the final, Nathan Zsombor-Murray , fifth (462.10), also performed well. 


Bronze medal, Rylan Wiens (CAN): 

"It's pretty unreal. Coming here, I just had the expectation to get an Olympic spot for Canada. To get in semi-finals and finals is awesome. Also bring on my A game and getting a medal is unbelievable. I'm not sure I will be selected for the Olympics but if I do, I would want the same thing. This venue is insane. I've never been to one like this. Walking around, I see how huge it is and how clean it is in Tokyo. FINA did a really good job with all the restrictions. With the test and everything in place, I felt comfortable the entire time. Just glad that we can come here and compete!"

Silver medal, Randal Willars (MEX):

"I feel very happy. It's my first time in the World Cup and I got a medal. I think I did a good job. I want to train harder to do better next time. I take a bit of time before diving, it's my routine to feel comfortable. Maybe I can do it in shorter time in the future because judges and people are waiting. I know it's not the best but I feel better if I do it. I like the pool as it's pretty big. I feel really safe in the hotel, bus, pool and with people using masks".

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