In each individual event, this competition may select up to 18 divers, but the final list will only be known after the nominal appointment of the spots is confirmed by the National Olympic Committees/National Federations. Moreover, 17 places were already defined in each event before this World Cup, corresponding to the first 12 places at the 2019 FINA Worlds in Korea and to five additional continental spots. 



In the men’s field, Thomas Daley, from Great Britain, was the best of the 46-man field of the heats in the 10m, concluding the preliminaries in 508.30. He had a consistent a solid programme, only shaking in the sixth and last dive, a back 3 ½ somersaults (pike). He was followed by Mexico’s Randal Willars (483.65), and by Russia’s Ruslan Ternovoi (465.70).

Image Source: Toru Hanai / Getty Images

The list of the semi-finallists (18 divers) included no major surprises, with host Japan qualifying its two representatives and Latin America being also well served, with two divers from Brazil, one from Puerto Rico, one from Colombia, one from Venezuela, and the above-mentioned Mexican star. On the side of the non-qualified, the absence of the two participating Italians and also of the two Ukrainian competitors is worth noting.

In the afternoon, Ternovoi excelled in the semi-final, finishing first and promising an exciting duel with Tom Daley in the decisive event, to be contested this Tuesday. The Russian completed his six dives in 511.95, getting the first perfect 10s of this event in two dives, his first one (inward 3 ½ somersaults) and his fourth combination (back 3 ½ somersaults). His less successful rounds were the second and the sixth, with marks between 7.0 and 7.5.

In the meantime, Daley also performed consistently, but over-rotated in his forward 3 ½ somersaults 1 twist and was “short” on his armstand back 3 somersaults. He concluded the final, with a total of 503.35 points.

Under the 500 points, Nathan Zsombor-Murray (CAN) was the best at this stage, while Willars, Germany’s Jaden Eikerman and Brazil’s Kawan Figueredo completed the top-6. Out of the final (with the best 12), were the divers from Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Korea, France, Japan and Brazil. 

Image Source: Toru Hanai / Getty Images


Among women, no major upsets in the preliminaries, with the two Chinese representatives Chang Yani (first) and Chen Yiwen (second) taking the lead. Good surprises going to the semi-final were the qualification of Switzerland’s Michelle Heimberg (11th) and of South Africa’s Julia Vincent (17th). On the side of deceptions, the elimination of Pamela Ware (CAN), and also the deficient performances of the two Italians and two Russians entered for the event.   

Image Source: Toru Hanai / Getty Images

In the semi-final all seemed good for the two Chinese stars, but Chang lost her balance in her last dive, badly hitting the board with the legs and missing the dive. However, she managed to finish 10th and, if physically recovered, she will contest the final of the 3m springboard. In the end, Chen took the lead in 385.10, comfortably advancing Sarah Bacon (USA, 344.50) and Jennifer Abel (CAN, 335.40). Heimberg (SUI) still made the cut for the final, but Vincent (RSA) had to content with the 15th place. The two Japanese divers in the semis performed quite well, going to the final ranked fifth and sixth.