Jacqueline Simoneau, from Canada, was one of the athletes to watch during the first day of the second leg of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series, taking place in Budapest (HUN) on April 10-11, 2021. The North American star got two medals in the Magyar capital, winning the solo technical final in 89.2788, and also triumphing in the Duet Technical event, with her teammate Claudia Holzner (88.3284).

In the individual competition, Simoneau had a fierce opposition from Vasiliki Alexandri, from Austria, who had to content with the silver, in 87.6495. Lara Mechnig, from Liechtenstein, got the bronze with a score of 80.9871.

In the Duet event, the fight for the gold was similar, with the Canadian pair slightly beating the Austrian duet Anna-Maria and Eirini Alexandri (the Alexandri are triplet sisters), silver medallists in 87.2604. Shelly Bobritsky/Eden Blecher, from Israel, got the bronze in 83.1200.

In the remaining finals of the day, Hungary, as sole participant, got the Team Technical title in 74.7891, while Russia’s Aleksandr Maltsev/Mayya Gurbanberdieva were also solitary swimmers in the Mixed Duet Technical final, concluding their routine in 92.3789 points.

In the last event of the session, the Magyars also swam alone in the pool, concluding the Free Combination final with a score of 76.5001.