Press conference highlights from the coaches of the men’s water polo gold-medal final at Bernat Picornell Pool, Tibor Benedek (HUN) and Ranko Perovic (MNE):
Tibor Benedek (HUN):
“The key factor on this championship has been the spirit of the team, a new team, new coach and we wanted to win. Water polo is national sport is Hungary, and people always want results — there is great history in the Hungarian water polo. There will be lots of pressure next year in the European Championship in Budapest and that´s our next objective”.
Ranko Perovic (MNE):
“It is not easy to play against Hungary, and our defence was not the same as in other games like against Serbia and Italy. It has been great all the people that came here to encourage us. Now it is hard but tomorrow we will celebrate. It is the first medal Montenegro wins, so it is a success.”