The inaugural event of the 10km at the 3rd FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships in the Dutch city of Hoorn went to Hungary and Great Britain. For the first time at the championships the 18/19 year-old boys and girls could compete in an Olympic-like distance. Kristof Rasovszky from Hungary and Great Britain's Alice Dearing both earned gold medals.

When the 36 boys went under a sunny sky to the water for their for laps with each of 2.5, km Kristof Rasovszky was from the beginning in the leading position. When he came back in the old harbour of Hoorn he left the feeding ponton leading the peleton. But in the third lap his patience had an end. “In the middle of this lap I was able to make a gab between me and the others”, he explained the situation when he left the field behind him.

As the Hungarian from the city of Veszprem went on his last lap, he already was in a appeasing and comfortable situation with a gab of 26.7 seconds to his followers. At the end Kristof Razsovszky finished in 1:53:01.7.

“It was a hard race and when I noticed in the third lap to swim away from the others, I tried it and it was successful”, the first 10 km champion at the juniors said.

The silver medal went to the Chinese Zhongyi Qiao, who touched home in 1:53:32.0. Now he is the owner of a complete medal set at the FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships as he finished third two years ago in Balatonfüred in Hungary in the 5km event and was a member of the golden trio in the team event there. The bronze medal in Hoorn went to  Andrea Manzi (ITA), in 1:53:36.9.

As opposed to the boy's event which was more or less decided a long time before it came to the finish, the girls showed a trilling finish. When the pack came to the funnel and the last 50m, the Hungarian Nikoletta Kiss was in front. But on the last few meters she showed no more power to defend her small gap. So Alice Dearing (GBR) took the lead in 2:04:24.1 to end up touching pad. 0.5 second before the Hungarian. Valeriia Ermakova (RUS) was also very close behind and grabbed the bronze medal in 2:04:27.0.

“The race was a little bit rough”, Alice Dearing stated after her golden triumph. “I'm not so great surprised, as I was expecting a medal” the young open water lady from the city of Birmingham said and who is competing in open water since four years. “We are a little bit surprised, but she was always in the lading pack and took her chance in the last lap”, the British team leader Bernie Dietzig mentioned.

 After two gold medals two years ago in front of home crowd with victories in the 7.5 km event as well as in the team event of the juniors, Nikoletta Kiss also got in Hoorn her third medal in the FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships.