The first ever Swimming for All, Swimming for Life Clinic which was hosted in Bangkok, Thailand, from May 15-17, concluded today after a productive three-day intensive programme.

National Member Federations representing 49 countries assisted to presentations spread in different modules.

The first module, for example, conducted by FINA Coaches Committee Chairman Osvaldo Arsenio, dealt with the process of skills acquisition, the setting and automatization. It is crucial that instructors can recognise their student’s accomplishments and the various apprentice phases.

The swimming learning process methodology, the use of time and space, were reviewed in detail. 

South Africa Swimming Shawn Adriaanse presented the principals of movement in water and the stoke development on Monday, while Haydn Belshaw from Aquabliss Performance continued with module 3 which reviewed the water safety, swimming pathways, swimming equipment, and the highlighted the qualities that shape a great teacher/instructor.

FINA Bureau Member Margo Mountjoy opened Tuesday's session with a presentation entitled “Why, What and How?”.

Dr. Mountjoy emphasised on the health benefits of swimming and of course the drowning prevention. She reminded the audience about the alarming figures published by the WHO in the Global Report on Drowning (2014) and gave some geographical statistics to raise awareness about the issue.


The last day of the Clinic was more focused on practice as young children took part in a teaching session in a local swimming pool. 

More photos from the Clinic are available here