The 2017 – 2021 FINA Athletes Committee (FINA AC) was recently announced with a number of former members re-appointed and six new members appointed.

  • Penny HEYNS - Chairman and FINA Bureau Member
  • Britta KAMRAU - Vice Chairman
  • Camelia POTEC - Honorary Secretary
  • Kirsty COVENTRY - Member
  • Virginie DEDIEU - Member
  • Orlando DUQUE - Member
  • Malick FALL - Member
  • Aaron FELTHAM - Member
  • Stavroula KOZOMPOLI - Member
  • Patrick MURPHY - Member
  • Aaron PEIRSOL - Member
  • Thiago PEREIRA - Member
  • Ryan PINI - Member
  • Tingmao SHI - Member
  • Kaori TAKEMURA - Member
  • Matthew DUNN - FINA Bureau Liaison 


“During my tenure on the FINA AC I have seen the Committee grow and achieve several important milestones. Each step forward has admittedly taken time however momentum has been created and the FINA AC is steadily strengthening its influence within FINA, ensuring the voice of the athlete is represented at all decision-making levels” says Penny Heyns, FINA AC Chairperson.

Since 2013 the FINA AC Chairperson has represented the athlete’s voice on the FINA Bureau and now, for the first time the FINA AC enjoys full representation of all six FINA Disciplines.

Furthermore, a FINA AC representative has been appointed to each respective Technical Committee as a full member:

  • Tingmao SHI - TDC - Technical Diving Committee
  • Orlando DUQUE - THDC - Technical High Diving Committee
  • Britta KAMRAU - TOWSC - Technical Open Water Swimming Committee
  • Aaron PEIRSOL - TSC - Technical Swimming Committee
  • Virginie DEDIEU - TASC - Technical Artistic Swimming Committee
  • Stavroula KOZOMPOLI - TWPC – Technical water Polo Committee

This is possibly the most important step forward thus far giving the FINA AC a vote on the platform where decisions most directly affect the athletes and our sport.

"The FINA AC provides a voice to all aquatic athletes and via this platform allows them to influence the development of all aquatic disciplines at multiple levels. The athletes are our sport and therefore it is important that their collective views can shape the future of FINA" says Matthew Dunn, FINA Bureau Liaison

The new FINA AC forms a very capable team and recognises their responsibility toward all aquatic athletes. As such they invite athletes to communicate concerns, issues and new ideas with them via email on