The second day of the sixth meet of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series, organised in Madrid (ESP), had Spain as the winner of four gold medals (duet technical, mixed duet technical, free combination and team free) and Swiss Vivienne Koch as the best at the free solo routine final.
The day started with the victory of the Spain's Paula Ramirez and Sara Saldaña at the duet technical routine final. They were the strongest with 86,3442 points.
"We have been training a lot and, obviously, in training there is no pressure, there are no nerves and there are things that work out better. Here with all the judges in front of us, there may be mistakes but we train hard every day to do it better and better. We still have a month and a half for the most important event of the year, the European Championships in Glasgow, and we will try to do it perfect", Paula Ramirez said.
These two Spanish swimmers have been swimming together "for a short time". "We still do not know very well what we can aspire to. I think we can get more, but it's the first year we're together, our second competition, and it takes time", she continued.
Sara Saldaña recognised that, as it is her first year as a competitor in the duet, she was "a little nervous before starting" the performance. "It was the second time we swam together in competition, but I think that we did it well", she added.
Noortje and Bregje De Brouwer, from The Netherlands, finished second (81,4378) and Iryna Limanouskaya and Veronika Yesipovich, from Belarus, finished in third position (81,4378).
In duet mixed technical routine, Spanish Berta Ferreras and Pau Ribes scored 82,1257, earning a 22,1722-point lead over Kazakhstan's Sofiya Lyakh and Olzhas Makhanbetiyarov.
"We always try to focus on our work and our routine to offer the best image we can. I think that we have improved a lot in the last three years and, personally, I love doing the mixed duet because it is totally different. I try to do different things with Pau and we look for differents goals", Berta Ferreras said.
"We have a great feeling and she has a lot of patience", Pau Ribes joked. He also explained that FINA Artistic Swimming World Series are a "great opportunity" for mixed duets. "There are more countries and more clubs that present a mixed duet in competition", he said.
Spain continued its victorious path at free combination routine. Leyre Abadia, Abril Conesa, Berta Ferreras, Emma Garcia, Carmen Juarez, Meritxell Mas, Elena Melian, Paula Ramirez, Sara Saldaña and Blanca Toledano capture gold with 90,8332, wearing a swimsuit designed by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.
"It has been one of the most beautiful projects we have done. This swimsuit was the most important design for Agatha this year", Javier Carrera, member of the creative team of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, said.
A score of 78,5332 gave Hungarian Anna Apáthy, Janka David, Boglárka Gács, Mira Gerstenkorn, Szabina Hungler, Szofi Kiss, Luca Renyi, Anna Viktória Szabo and Veronka Szabo the second place.
The competition continued in the afternoon, with the solo free routine final. Swiss Vivienne Koch, who was the best at solo technical (76,0091) on Friday, repeated in the first place at solo free on Saturday.
She scored 78,0000 and added another remarkable result here in Madrid.
She was happy with her gold medal at solo free but she was even happier with the fourth position at duet technical. Noemi Peschl and she earned 80,8343 points, what brings them closer to the European Championship.
"Oh my god, I can not believe it", she recognised.
The second day of the sixth meet of the FINA Synchronised World Series concluded with team free routine final, after a lively 'batucada'.
Spain scored 91,8332 to claim gold with a story based on life in a factory. Austria finished in second position, earning a 0,1000-point lead over Hungary.
Sunday, final day of competition in Madrid, sees the duet free, mixed duet free and highlight medals awarded.
FINA Artistic Swimming World Series - Madrid
- Day 2
Duet Technical
1. Paula Ramirez/Sara Saldaña (ESP) 86,3442
2. Noortje De Brouwer/Bregje De Brouwer (NED) 81,4378
3. Iryna Limanouskaya/Veronika Yesipovich (BEL) 81,3193
Duet Mixed Technical
1. Berta Ferreras/Pau Ribes (ESP) 82,1257
2. Sofiya Lyakh/Olzhas Makhanbetiyarov (KAZ) 59,9535
Free Combination
1. Spain 90,8332
2. Hungary 78,5332
Free Solo
1. Vivienne Koch (SWI) 78,0000
2. Szofi Kiss (HUN) 76,0668
3. Ivette Pinter (AUT) 74,3332
Team Free
1. Spain 91,8332
2. Austria 77,7000
3. Hungary 77,6000