The 4th FINA World Women's Youth Championships started in Belgrade on Monday August 28 with a first strong game (Italy vs Canada) kicking-off the tournament

It was a great match, strong resistance of the Canadian team to one of the tournament's favourites, Italy. It started as expected, 3:0 and 6:3 for the Italians after first 10 minutes. Lucrezia Cergol scored all goals for her team in the second quarter. Eventually Canada began to wake up and managed to equalize by the end of the quarter. Equal play continued in the third period. Canadian Jaiden Miller then scored all three goals. However Italy came back with three fast goals in the final period to win the game.

In a second match of Day 1, Uzbekistan players did their best in first ten minutes against Australia. In the first minute of the second quarter Sayfiffin scored for Uzbekistan and reduced Australian lead to 5:4. And... that was all! Far more quality players from Australia scored even 11 goals in a row.

In the third match of the opening day, the young Greek players did not have a hard job against Brazil. From the very beginning, they showed a difference in quality, and only in moments of relaxation Brazilians came to breath. Greece had the advantage of 6:0, 10:2, and everything that the rivals did was lowering the gap to minus six.

The match between USA and Kazakhstan was just an easier training or practice for the Americans who are one of the major favourites in Belgrade. Exceptional goal realisation of USA (26 goals from 30 shots), along with even seven penalty shots, are not something which can be seen very often. For Kazakhstan, this was too much.

In the following match, the brave Argentineans played Hungary, but they could not escape the heavy defeat. Farago and Petovar did not miss the opportunity to try the shot. Expectedly, the difference in class was still too great.

The European champion team of Spain have easily beat the hometeam of Serbia. The Spaniards did not drop the rhythm showing that they will be in the circle of the most serious candidates for the title.

Russia beat New Zealand whose players have even lead after first two periods. Finally, the Netherlands, as expected, defeated South Africa whose players even scored a goal for first and only lead (1-0).