Ninteen soloists*, international and clubs, offered a performance on the second competition day of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series in Paris, France, on Saturday March 2.

Being one of the two clear favourites of the event, Rio 2016 bronze medallist Yukiko Inui of Japan, 29, achieved 91.7667 for gold.

France’s Eve Planeix, 19, jumped the second position with 84.9667 points until the middle of the event. She was 6th at the European Championships in 2018 in Glasgow (GBR) and 9th in Budapest 2017. But the French girl could only maintain the second position until Marta Fiedina of Ukraine swam and ended up pocketing the silver medal at stake.


Happy with her programme, Eve said in an interview with the French Swimming Federation:

“Paris is the first stage of the World Series 2019 so it is always good to leave a mark at the beginning of the season. There is still a lot of work to be done because this morning was the first time I was presenting this routine in a competition context. I am pretty happy with it though!”

“The strengths of this routine are the slide, the height and the fluidity. We worked hard on this choreography. I rehearsed a lot with Pascal Meyet and then with Laure Obry to be well prepared.”

Marta was definitely one of the other medal contenders. She captured the silver medal for her incredibly elegant and graceful programme that she swam under the theme “Secret of the Future”. She collected 91.0000. The Ukrainian was also silver at the Junior World Championships last year.


*Curacao, Serbia (2), Japan, Bulgaria (3), France, Austria (2), Belgium (3), Ukraine, Finland, Czhec Repulic, Germany, Lituania, Great Britain


The same mixed duets, except for Kazakhstan, fought for a medal in the mixed duet free today. Brazil, France, Spain and Japan showcased their routine in this order.

The ranking remained similar as yesterday’s mixed duet technical: veteran duet from Japan, composed of Yumi Adachi and Atsushi Abe did not disappoint and took the honours with 87.4667 points performing under the jungle theme and interpreting different animals.


Presenting a new programme Berta Ferreras and Pau Ribes of Spain achieved 83.9667 points for silver and Brazil (Giovana Stephan / Renan Souza) completed the podium, achieving 78.6333 for bronze.


The non-Olympic event, the highlight routine, was highlighted by the win of the Spanish team achieving 89.9667 points.

The Spanish team, led by superstar Ona Carbonell, was seconded by the French girls for silver with 87.700 as they swam under a classic French music, the French Cancan.

Israel earned 81.7667 points, closing the podium tonight.


Four international teams, plus one club from Strasbourg (FRA) were registered for this event.

The results of DAY 2 are provided by FINA partner Microplus and are available here

A commemorative plaque was offered to the French Swimming Federation from FINA to thank the Organisers for their outstanding work and organisation for this first stage of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series 2019.