The Netherland won the Europa-Cup Final, while Hungary defeated Italy in the bronze medal match.

Third and last day in two acts of the FINA/LEN Water Polo World League Europa Cup Final Women 2019 this afternoon at the Palanuoto in Turin.

Act 1 saw Hungary prevail over Italy in the bronze medal match. In act 2 the stage was for the gold medal match between Russia and the Netherlands, the latter eventually claiming the victory of the tournament, with the silver medal going to Russia. The actors of both finals will all advance to the World League Final 8, in Budapest next June, including Italy, which, in spite of their defeat, will benefit from the fact that Hungary was already qualified as host country.

The final standings of the tournament reflect exactly the values shown here by the different teams, some of which appeared not to have fully assimilated the new rules. The Netherlands were the strongest team and featured also some impressive individualities.

The Netherlands’ number 1 Elisabeth Aarts and Russia’s number 4 Elvina Karimova were awarded respectively the best goalkeeper and the best player of the tournament prize.

Europe Cup Final Six Schedule and Results

Quarter Finals - Friday March 29
15.30 Hungary-Greece 13-9
17.00 Spain-Netherlands 6-9

Semifinals - Saturday March 30 
15.00 (1) Russia-Hungary 15-14
16.30 (2) Italy- Netherlands 11-17

Final for 5th-6th place
18.00 Greece – Spain 14-17

Finals - Sunday March 31
3rd / 4th place
15.00 Hungary – Italy 13-11

1st / 2nd place
16.30 Russia-Netherlands 9-11

Final Standings

1 Netherlands
2 Russia
3 Hungary
4 Italy
5 Spain
6 Greece