Olympic and World champion Sarah Sjostrom of Sweden is the most successful swimmer of the inaugural Champions Swim Series so far with 9 victories spread between Guangzhou (CHN) and Budapest (HUN) and another 3 silver medals, rounding her tally to 12 historical medals.

Sjostrom will definitely sparkle again in Indianapolis for the ultimate meet of the FINA Champions Swim Series 2019, to kick-off tonight Friday May 31 and to conclude on Saturday June 1.

At the press conference (on Thursday May 30), the Swedish star said:

“It is great to make history at this new event. I was honoured to be invited in Guangzhou and then Budapest and now here. I think I am the swimmer that is invited to the most events so I am very happy with how I have been swimming this season and also that I have been able to earn some decent prize money.”

Sjostrom’s superiority in the pool comes evidently from hard work and consistent training.

“I just enjoy having swimming as my job. It is what I do every day. I just enjoy training and the preparation to the competition is something I enjoy.”

“I think it is a lot of talent for sure” she admits.

“When I was younger I didn’t like training as much but now I enjoy and can train really really hard. It is a mix of so many things.”

The first leg of the Champions Swim Series in China exceeded Sjostrom’s expectations on many levels.

“China definitely surpassed my expectations and I enjoyed it and Budapest also of course but I have been racing in the Hungarian capital before so I knew what I was going for. It was amazing!”

“I don’t really think about the other lanes and other people when I race but the four-lane format is definitely more interesting and fun for the spectators. It is quite hard to watch and follow eight swimmers at the same time so this change is good.”

“The relay mix of nationalities is however very different and cool. I only did one relay in Budapest and one in Guangzhou but it was fun. I swim so many other events that I won’t be taking part in the relays in Indianapolis because it is hard and with the jet lag as well...” concluded the reigning 100m fly World and Olympic champion.

Sjostrom has a busy schedule in Indianapolis as she entered the 50m, 100m and 200m freestyle events, as well as the 50m and 100m fly.

You can watch all the races Live Streamed on FINAtv.