The Organisers of the 19th edition of the FINA World Championships, namely the Japan Swimming Federation, Fukuoka City and the Organising Committee, to be held in Fukuoka, Japan, from July 16-August 1, 2021, launched today the official event website and unveiled the two mascots, the emblem of FINA’s signature event in two-year time.

The Championships’ concept of “WATER MEETS THE FUTURE” expresses the hope that all the participants will meet the future.

The event takes aim to create the future of aquatic sports through innovative technology, and also create a future for the region by connecting various people.

The goal of the Championships is to go beyond the competitors and fans, and encourage as many people as possible to take action towards a bright and healthy future, therefore advancing the Championships from an event that simply entertains to an event that inspires people.


A total of 76 events will be held across six disciplines: swimming, diving, high diving, water polo, artistic swimming and open water swimming, and the Host Broadcaster for the event will be Japanese group TV Asahi.

The decision to award Fukuoka with the 19th edition of the World Championships was taken in January 2016 on the occasion of a Bureau meeting in Budapest (HUN).

Fukuoka will be hosting FINA’s showcase for the second time, after welcoming it 20 years ago, in 2001, the first ever Asian edition.


The FINA World Championships in 2021 will use the compact urban structure of Fukuoka and strives to maximise the value of the event through the city's unique layout. It will save time on travel for athletes to liven up the event, and efficiently run the competition by installing temporary pools, aggregate venues and market streets.


Inspired by Fukuoka’s ocean-front location, dolphins, well known as a popular sea animal, were chosen for the design of the mascots. The mascots' human-like characteristics will boost the momentum of the Championships.


The two characters are Sealight and Shirney.


Sealight is very confident about swimming much faster than anyone else. He is friendly to everyone, but likes to compete with others and dreams of becoming a big star in the human world as well.


Shirney is a bit clumsy, but is a hard worker who makes efforts to overcome challenges. She can make friends with anyone and wants to make even more friends. She dreams of travelling around the world with her friends.

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