World Women's Junior Water Polo Championship gained more excitement this Tuesday, with the celebration of the second day of the group stage in Funchal (POR). With the exception of Group C, where Russia's superiority is evident, in the remaining groups the fight for the first place and the direct pass to the quarterfinals remains open. Only group leaders will avoid the playoff.

Group A is probably the one with the most pasionated fight between teams. It was demonstrated at the game between Hungary and the United States (7-8). The United States now leads the standings, with 3 points, after a draw and a victory. Hungary has 2 points. Australia has also 2 points after its win against Japan (10-11).

In Group B, the Netherlands and Spain are tied at 3 points. The Netherlands won Brazil 7-19 and Spain won 22-5 against Kazakhstan. Spain will need to beat Brazil by 12 goals to be first in the group.

In Group C, Russia easily solved the most difficult commitment it had in the group stage. The defender of the title won Italy by 14-11 and remains undefeated in the tournament. Two games, two wins. Russia adds 4 points and sees the quarterfinals.

Italy, on the other hand, keeps the 2 points achieved in its first game. South Africa has the same points thanks to the victory achieved on Tuesday against Portugal (13-5).

Greece and China will play on Wednesday for the first place of Group D in a direct duel between them. Both reached the decisive day of the group stage with 4 points.

Greece beat Canada 16-9 while China beat New Zealand 13-7 this Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the final day of group stage will determine which teams will play on Thrusday for 13th-16th places and which teams will go on playoff. The champions of each group will take a rest until Friday, for the quaterfinals.

Progress points:

Group A: United States 3, Hungary 2, Australia 2, Japan 1

Group B: Spain 3, Netherlands 3, Brazil 2, Kazakhstan 0

Group C: Russia 4, Italy 2, South Africa 2, Portugal 0

Group D: Greece 4, China 4, Canada 0, New Zealand 0

Tuesday Schedule:

Match 9, 9.00, Group B, SPAIN 22 KAZAKHSTAN 5

Match 10, 10.20, Group B BRAZIL 7 NETHERLANDS 19

Match 11, 11.40, Group C, RUSSIA 14 ITALY 11

Match 12, 13.00, Group D, CHINA 13 NEW ZEALAND 7

Match 13, 16.00, Group D, GREECE 16 CANADA 9

Match 14, 17.20, Group A, JAPAN 10 AUSTRALIA 11

Match 15, 18.40, Group A, HUNGARY 7 UNITED STATES 8

Match 16, 20.00, Group C, SOUTH AFRICA 13 PORTUGAL 5

Photo Credit: Duarte Paulini / Federacao Portuguesa Natacao