Singapore, October 12.—Austria will play host Singapore in the gold-medal final of the FINA Water Polo Challengers’ Cup men’s tournament at the OCBC Aquatic Centre in Singapore.

Austria beat India 17-7 to take out Group B and be first into the final with four wins while India will have to play for seventh and eighth positions. Hong Kong secured third place in the group and will go on to play for fifth and sixth position after beating Chinese Taipei 30-14, thanks to nine goals by Chun Ip. Kong Chun Fung backed up with seven goals as Hong Kong was dominant throughout.

Singapore won Group A with an 11-8 margin over Ireland, the score flattered by a last-second penalty goal for the home team. Also in Group A, Malaysia picked up its first win with a 21-8 effort against winless Zimbabwe. Yi Xiang Toh was the leading light and player of the match for Malaysia, scoring five goals.

Final points:
Group A: Singapore 8, Ireland 6, Philippines 4, Malaysia 2, Zimbabwe 0.
Group B: Austria 8, Indonesia 6, Hong Kong 4, India 2, Chinese Taipei 0.

Saturday schedule:
Match 17, 15:00, Group B, HONG KONG 30 CHINESE TAIPEI 14
Match 18, 16:30, Group A, MALAYSIA 21 ZIMBABWE 8
Match 19, 18:00, Group B, INDIA 7 AUSTRIA 17
Match 20, 19:30, Group A, IRELAND 8 SINGAPORE 11

Sunday schedule:
Match 21, 10:00, Classification 9-10, Zimbabwe v Chinese Taipei
Match 22, 11:30, Classification 7-8, Malaysia v India
Match 23, 15:00, Classification 5-6, Philippines v Hong Kong
Match 24, 16:30, Classification 3-4, Ireland v Indonesia
Match 25, 16:30, Classification 1-2, Singapore v Austria