Divers from China shone in the seventh meet of the 2019 FINA Diving Grand Prix, held in Gold Coast (AUS) on November 8-10, by winning all individual events at stake.

Among men, Wang Zongyuan and Wu Luxian managed the 1-2 in the 3m springboard, while Lian Junjie was the best in the 10m platform. The minor medals in these two events went to Shixin Li (AUS, bronze in the 3m), Sam Fricker (AUS) and Nathan Brown (NZL), respectively silver and bronze medallist in the higher board.

In the women’s field, Chen Yiwen controlled operations in the springboard, with two Australians, Anabelle Smith (second) and Kiarra Milligan (third) completing the podium. In the platform, China ruled with Si Yajie and Ren Qian getting the gold and silver, respectively. Nikita Hains, from Australia, got the last medal on offer.

In synchronised action, divers from Malaysia were in excellent shape, getting four out of the five titles contested in Gold Coast. Among men, Gabriel Daim and Muhammad Puteh were the strongest in the 3m, while Hanis Surya and Jelison Jabillin prevailed in the 10m. In both the women’s and mixed 3m springboard, the gold medals went also to Malaysia, with China prevailing in the women’s 10m platform.

Divers from New Zealand completed the list of countries with medals in Australia, with two silver and one bronze during the three-day competition.

The 2019 edition of the FINA Diving Grand Prix will now proceed to the eighth meet of the series in Kuala Lumpur (MAS, November 15-17), before the conclusion of the circuit in Singapore on November 22-24.

Medallists in Gold Coast (AUS):

3m springboard: 1. Wang Zongyuan (CHN) 453.05; 2. Wu Luxian (CHN) 420.35; 3. Shixin Li (AUS) 403.80
10m platform: 1. Lian Junjie (CHN) 487.15; 2. Sam Fricker (AUS) 375.10; 3. Nathan Brown (NZL) 310.65
3m springboard synchronised: 1. Gabriel Gilbert Daim/Muhammad Syafiq Puteh (MAS) 363.30; 2. Wang Zongyuan/Wu Luxian (CHN) 358.71; 3. Shixin Li/Matthew Carter (AUS) 358.20
10m platform synchronised: 1. Hanis Jaya Surya/Jelison Jabillin (MAS) 338.40; 2. Arno Lee/Luke Sipkes (NZL) 273.39

3m springboard: 1. Chen Yiwen (CHN) 365.55; 2. Anabelle Smith (AUS) 308.10; 3. Kiarra Milligan (AUS) 269.25
10m platform: 1. Si Yajie (CHN) 346.75; 2. Ren Qian (CHN) 312.10; 3. Nikita Hains (AUS) 242.00
3m springboard synchronised: 1. Loh Zhiayi Loh/Jasmine Lai Pui Yee (MAS) 233.40
10m platform synchronised: 1. Ren Qian/Si Yajie (CHN) 301.68

3m springboard synchronised: 1. Nur Dhabitah Binti Sabri/Muhammad Syafiq Puteh (MAS) 271.80; 2. Maggie Squire/Luke Sipkes (NZL) 217.89

2019 FINA Diving Grand Prix calendar:

#1 - Rostock (GER) - February 14-17
#2 - Calgary (CAN) - April 4-7
#3 - Mission Viejo (USA) - April 11-14
#4 - Madrid (ESP) - June 7-9
#5 - Bolzano (ITA) - June 14-16
#6 - Cairo (EGY) - June 21-23
#7 - Gold Coast (AUS) - November 8-10
#8 - Kuala Lumpur (MAS) - November 15-17
#9 - Singapore (SGP) - November 22-24