FINA has kindly informed the FINAtv customers on April 1, that the platform will no longer be active as of April 30. Launched in 2017, the FINAtv OTT platform has reached thousands of subscribers all around the world. Hundreds of events across four years have been broadcast and FINA is overall very satisfied with the development of this service.

However, the digital landscape is rapidly evolving and FINAtv, as a brand, will keep existing on different digital touchpoints, enabling FINA to quickly adapt its strategy depending on the events.

The new FINA website, launched last February, provides an incredible user experience for watching videos and multimedia content from any kind of device around the world. We have now the opportunity to offer an immersive experience to all our aquatics fans in one single platform. Users can watch events live and at the same time checking results, stats and latest news. That’s why will become the main access for all our fans interested to watch live events.

In the last few years FINA has also reinforced its presence on relevant social media platforms and our community has shown a strong interest for video content from past events. 

For this reason, FINA decided to run a new model which will combine live streaming on the FINA website, FINA You Tube channel and other social media handles. This hybrid solution will enable to showcase many more competitions in live streaming for free.

Depending on the competitions and the territories, different solutions have been undertaken and we invite our fans to constantly check our competition pages and news to discover where it is possible to watch the event.

We would like to thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to being able to bring you the best of our Aquatics competitions on your nearest device very soon!