FINA acknowledges the extraordinary nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing difficulties for the organisation of safe sporting events. In consideration of these extraordinary circumstances, FINA issued a series of Regulations and documents related to the current COVID-19 pandemic.



An effective vaccination programme is key to safe resumption of international competition.
The FINA Sport Medicine Committee urges all medical advisors to international sport federations to stimulate early discussion regarding vaccination and encourages the wider community of sport to adopt a unified approach and consistent, vigorous messages endorsing COVID-19 vaccination programmes.

Check the below document for an  "opinion" issued by the FINA Sports Medicine Committee about the COVID-19 vaccination. The document is approved the FINA task force. 

FINA would like to thank the members of the Task Force for their contribution, experience and time:

  • Dr. Mohamed Diop, Bureau Member
  • Dr. David Gerrard, SMC Vice-Chairman
  • Dr. Andy Hoepelman, TWPC Member
  • Dr. Cees van den Hoogenband, SMC Chairman



Following the declaration of WHO that the current COVID-19 outbreak has reached a worldwide pandemic status, FINA advises its members, athletes and aquatic fans to maintain good hygiene and have prevention measures against COVID-19.

Below documents can be used as a reference for prevention of COVID-19 and routines for workout at home. More information can be found on WHO’s website


This position statement is presented on behalf of the International Drowning Researchers’ Alliance [IDRA], International Life Saving Federation – Medical Committee [ILS-MC] and International Maritime Rescue Federation [IMRF].

More information can be found on the International Drowing Researchers Alliance's website


We also recommend to check below webpage for updates from IOC for Corona Virus advice to all athletes in general:


WADA understands that athletes have questions concerning antidoping in light of the ongoing COVID-19 #pandemic. Therefore, WADA have developed a Q&A document that covers some of your most frequently asked questions :