In accordance with FINA Constitution C. 15, the General Congress is the highest authority of FINA and shall have the power to decide upon any matters arising in FINA.

Decisions by the Technical Congress may be overruled by the General Congress. The Bureau may decide to submit to the General Congress proposals relating to Technical Rules as well as other proposal. 

The General Congress is held either as an Ordinary General Congress or as an Extraordinary General Congress.

The Ordinary General Congress shall be held every two (2) years at the site on the occasion of the FINA World Championships.

Due to the postponement of the FINA World Championship to 2022, all Members of FINA are hereby invited to attend the FINA GENERAL CONGRESS to be held on 5 June 2021 in Doha, Qatar. 

The exact location and start time of the FINA GENERAL CONGRESS will be communicated at a later stage. 




  1. Alejandro BLANCO BRAVO

    Date of Birth DOB
    9 Oct 1950
  2. Metja Makgaledisa Troilus Alpha LEDWABA

    Date of Birth DOB
    21 May 1967
  3. Ramachandran NARAYANASWAMY

    Date of Birth DOB
    26 Oct 1948


  1. Verification of quorum;
  2. Address by the FINA President;
  3. Ratification of the decisions of the FINA Bureau taken due to COVID-19 pandemic (C 15.11 & C 17.5.2)
  4. Appointment of scrutineers;
  5. Approval of the agenda;
  6. Report of the FINA Bureau on its activities during the time since the previous General Congress (2019) presented by the FINA President;
  7. Financial report of the FINA Honorary Treasurer;
  8. Report of the FINA Audit Committee and FINA External Auditor;
  9. Approval of the budget;
  10. Motions, applications and proposals for alteration of or addition to the FINA Rules (Constitution, General Rules, Code of Ethics, Facilities Rules, Medical Rules and Doping Control Rules);
  11. Release of responsibility and liability of the FINA President and other FINA Bureau Members;
  12. Elections (FINA Rule C 15.10.10):
  13. FINA President (FINA Rules C 17.5. and C 17.5.1);
  14. FINA Bureau members (FINA Rules C 17.5, C 17.5.2 and C 17.5.3)
  15. FINA other Officers: 
      • five Vice Presidents (FINA Rules C 17.6 and C 17.6.1),
      • the First Vice President (FINA Rules C 17.6 and C 17.6.2),
      • the Second Vice President (FINA Rules C 17.6 and C 17.6.3),
      • and the Treasurer (FINA Rules C 17.6 and C 17.6.4); and
      • if applicable, Honorary positions (FINA Rule C 15.8)
  16.  Election of the FINA Ethics Panel
  17. Election of the FINA Audit Committee members;
  18. Other business for which notice has been given
  19. Closing speech and adjournment

Simultaneous translation will be provided in English, French, and Spanish