Due to the postponement of the FINA World Championships to 2022, all Members of FINA were invited to attend the FINA GENERAL CONGRESS held on 5 June 2021 in Doha, Qatar. 

You can rewatch the FINA General Congress here.

All decisions and results of the elections can be found here. More information will follow.

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and in implementation of the precautionary measures, as well as travel restrictions resulting from the health crisis do not allow us to hold the FINA general Congress in completely conventional way. In accordance with this ordinance and to guarantee application of constitutional rights and duties of each National Federation, the FINA Bureau decided to hold the Congress in a format of hybrid event allowing the members to attend the Congress either being physically present in Doha or connected virtually in real time. For the process of elections and voting, a web-based electronic system was used. 

The Congress was hosted at Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel and organised with the support of the Qatar Swimming Federation and Qatar National Olympic Committee



The FINA Electoral Commission is established to oversee the electoral process and have the final decision for the office of FINA president, FINA Vice presidents and FINA Bureau members. It supervises the manner in which the candidates carry out their campaigns, i.e. that they are conducted in a fair and reputable manner, in full compliance with FINA Constitution and regulations. The FINA Bureau will nominate the independent members of the Electoral Commission (see also FINA Rule BL 3.10).

  1. Alejandro BLANCO BRAVO

    Date of Birth DOB
    9 Oct 1950
  2. Metja Makgaledisa Troilus Alpha LEDWABA

    Date of Birth DOB
    21 May 1967
  3. Ramachandran NARAYANASWAMY

    Date of Birth DOB
    26 Oct 1948



In accordance with the FINA Rules, on 5th of March 2021, the National Federations received the documents related to the motions, applications and proposals for alteration of or addition to the FINA Rules (Constitution, General Rules, Code of Ethics, Facilities Rules, Medical Rules and Doping Control Rules)


According to the FINA Rules, on 13th of March 2021, the National Federations received the list of candidates for the positions of the FINA President, FINA Vice Presidents, FINA Bureau members, FINA Treasurer, the recommendations of the FINA Bureau pertaining to the election of the Audit Committee’s members and the proposals of the FINA Bureau pertaining to the election of the Ethics Panel’s members.

For general inquiries and more information, please contact the FINA office at: