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Rules and Regulation


SS 16.1 Three (3) panels of five (5) judges must officiate: in Free Routines, Free Combination and Highlight Routine one for Execution, one for Artistic Impression and one for Difficulty, and in Technical Routines one for Execution one for Impression and one for Elements.

SS 16.1.1 Judges must officiate:

In Free Routines, Free Combination and Highlight Routine
Panel One - Execution

Panel Two - Artistic Impression

Panel Three- Difficulty

In Technical Routines
Panel One - Execution
Panel Two - Impression
Panel Three - Elements

SS 16.2 During routine sessions the judges shall be placed in elevated positions on opposite sides of the pool.

SS 16.3 At the completion of each routine the judges record their scores on judging papers provided by the Meet Management Committee. These judging papers shall be collected before the scores are displayed or announced and shall be the accepted score in case of error or dispute.

SS 16.3.1 On a signal of the referee (or assistant referee) the judges scores will simultaneously be presented manually or electronically for each panel.

SS 16.4 If a judge by reason of illness or other unforeseen circumstances has made no award for a routine, the average of the awards of the other judges shall be computed and shall be considered as the award. This shall be calculated to the nearest 0.1 point

SS 16.5 After approval by the referee or the appointed official, judges’ scores may be flashed on the score board or be sent to the computer.