General Info

Dates: August 14-19, 2016

Events: Duet (24 duets) and Team (8 teams)

Venue: Maria Lenk Aquatic Centre, 6’500 seats

Number of athletes: 104

Maximum number of athletes per country: 9

Qualification pathway: Continental championships/host country, Olympic Games Qualification Tournament

Competition format: Duet – 24 duets will compete in the Free Routine Preliminary, and Technical Routine – the best 12 teams after these two events will compete in the Free Routine Final session; Team – 8 teams will compete in the Technical Routine and Free Routine sessions

Competition results: Marks are given by the judges from 0 (completely failed) to 10 (perfect) to several aspects of each routine: in technical routines, marks are given for the Execution (Execution & Synchronisation), Impression (Difficulty, Choreography, Music Interpretation & Manner of Presentation) and Elements (Execution); in free routines, the aspects to be considered are: Execution (Execution & Synchronisation), Artistic Impression (Choreography, Music Interpretation & Manner of Presentation) and Difficulty.

Training Schedule


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Qualifying Procedure


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Qualifying Event


FINA Synchronised Swimming Olympic Games Qualification Tournament
March 2-6, 2016 / Rio de Janeiro (BRA)


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