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Rules and Regulation



1. FINA, in accomplishing its mission, should take care that sport is practised without danger to the health of the athletes and with respect for fair play and sports ethics. To that end, it takes the measures necessary to preserve the health of athletes and to minimise the risks of physical injury and psychological harm. It also protects the athletes in their relationships with physicians and other health care providers. 

2. This objective can be achieved only through an ongoing education based on the ethical values of sport and on each individual’s responsibility in protecting his or her health and the health of others. 

3. The present Code recalls the basic rules regarding best medical practices in the domain of sport and the safeguarding of the rights and health of the athletes. It supports and encourages the adoption of specific measures to achieve that objective. It complements and reinforces the World Anti-Doping Code and reflects the general principles recognised in the international codes of medical ethics. 


4.1 The Code applies to all athletes in the sports activities governed by FINA, in competition as well as out of competition. 

4.2 FINA is free to grant wider protection to their athletes. 

4.3 The Code applies without prejudice to the national and international ethical, legal and regulatory requirements that are more favourable to the protection of the health, rights and interests of the athletes.