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Rules and Regulation


The Water Polo Rules in Part VI of this Handbook shall apply to Masters Water Polo with the following exceptions:

MWP 1 Age Groups

MWP 1.1 Age groups for Masters Water Polo shall apply for men and women teams.

MWP 1.2 The age of the youngest member of the team determines the age group of the team. There are no restrictions on the ages of any players older than the youngest player on the team.

MWP 1.3 Age groups for teams are at five-year intervals beginning with 30. i.e. 30+, 35+, 40+. . . .

MWP 2 Masters Water Polo Technical Rules

MWP 2.1 Each team shall consist of seven players, one of who shall be the goal keeper and who shall wear the goalkeepers cap, and not more than eight reserves may be used as substitutes, listed on the game roster, which must be submitted to the official’s table for each game, not less than 45 minutes before each game commences. All players listed on the game roster will be eligible to play in the game. After the games has commenced, a team playing with less than seven players shall not be required to have a goal keeper.

MWP 2.2 It is not compulsory for a team to name a substitute goal keeper. A goal keeper who has been replaced by a substitute may, if the player returns to the game, play in any position.

MWP 2.3 WP 4.3 shall apply except that the goalkeeper shall wear cap no. 1 and the other caps shall be numbered 2 to 15. A substitute goalkeeper shall wear a red cap numbered 13.

MWP 2.4 The uniform distance between the respective goal lines shall be 23.5 metres minimum, and the uniform width of the field of play shall be 17 metres minimum.

MWP 2.5 WP 11 time standards shall apply except that the duration of the Masters games shall be four periods of seven minutes each actual play for the 30+, 35+, 40+ and 45+ age groups and six minutes each actual play for the 50+, 55+, 60+, etc. age groups.

MWP 2.6 WP 14.4 method of scoring shall apply except that the time of possession of the ball shall be 35 seconds.

MWP 2.7 There shall be a two minute interval between each period of play. The teams including the players, coaches and team officials, shall change ends before starting the third period.

MWP 2.8 Women players may be members of men's teams.