FINA Best Female High Diver 2017

Iffland in 10 clicks

December 13th, 2017

World Cup silver

In April 2017, Rhiannan Iffland was silver medallist at the FINA World Cup, held in Abu Dhabi (UAE), behind Adriana Jimenez, from Mexico

Making history

Rhiannan Iffland is the first and only Australian high diver so far with a gold medal in a FINA competition

North American series

Rhiannan Iffland’s award in 2017 interrupted a series of North American successes since 2013: firstly Cesilie Carlton (USA, 2013), then Rachelle Simpson (USA, 2014 and 2015) and Lysanne Richard (CAN, 2016)

Four-year achievement

High Diving is included in the FINA programme – at the World Championships – since 2013. Moreover, an annual edition of the FINA High Diving World Cup is being held since 2014


“The sport has progressed dramatically since 2013, the level of competition has grown with the dives being much more difficult, and we are seeing the number of competitors increase, which will also push the sport further and further”

Sweet revenge

At the main rendezvous of the year, the FINA World Championships in Budapest, Iffland got the gold, in front of Adriana Jimenez (MEX), who had beaten her at the World Cup


“It’s a very impressive sport, to say the least. With the height of the platforms almost tripling the height of 10m diving, it’s quite a rush, even to watch. And as a spectator it’s interesting to see. There is really never a dull moment, watching high diving”

High Diving spirit

“Budapest was a great display of sportsmanship and it was great to see the spirit of the championships, especially in all the athletes and people of the city. In the sport of high diving, the relationship between the athletes is like no other sport, all the athletes support each other, which is an incredible feeling and so nice to be a part of”


2017 was only the second year for Rhiannan Iffland in High Diving. In 2016, she became the first rookie ever to win the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series