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Rules and Regulation


HD 4.1 Control of Competition

HD 4.1.1 Every competition shall be controlled by a Referee, supported by Assistant Referees, together with Judges and a Secretariat.

HD 4.1.2 The number of the dive to be performed and the position of execution shall be displayed on an indicator board visible to both divers and judges.

HD 4.1.3 A computer programme with adequate capability to produce a judging analysis shall be used.

HD 4.1.4 When electronic scoring equipment is not available the judges must have flash cards to display their awards. These flash cards must be capable of showing awards from 0 to 10 by half points.

HD 4.2 Composition of the Judges Panels

HD 4.2.1 Whenever possible seven (7) judges from different Federations shall be used.

HD 4.2.2 If not enough judges are available (5) judges from different Federations may be used.

HD 4.2.3 The Referee shall place the judges on one side of the platform in a distance of more or less the same as the height of the platform. The sunlight should come from behind the judges and the seats shall be elevated (between 3 - 5m above the water level).

HD 4.2.4 Once placed, a judge shall not change position unless at the discretion of the Referee, and then only in exceptional circumstances.

HD 4.2.5 When a judge is unable to continue to function after the competition has started. He/she shall be replaced by the reserve judge preferably at the end of a round.

HD 4.2.6 After each dive, on a signal given by the Referee, each judge shall immediately and simultaneously, without communicating with one another, and in a distinct manner, indicate the award for the dive. When an electronic judging device is used, the judges shall enter their awards into their electronic score pads immediately after the performance of the dive.

HD 4.2.7 The judges’ awards shall be displayed on the electronic scoreboard, preferably unseen by the judges. The awards (without any other information about the standing of the competition) must be seen by the judges on their electronic score pads.