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Rules and Regulation


HD 3.1 Each diver shall deliver to the Referee, a complete statement of the selected dives on the official form of the event for the competition.

HD 3.2 The diver is responsible for the accuracy of the statement in the list and the diver shall sign the statement of dives.

HD 3.3 The statement of dives shall be submitted 24 hours before commencement of the competition.

HD 3.4 The Referee may accept changes up to one hour after the end of the final published training session for each event. Changes may be made up to three (3) hours prior to the commencement of the competition, provided a fee accompanies it equivalent of 250 Swiss Francs.

HD 3.5 Unless the statement is presented within the time prescribed, a diver shall not be admitted to the competition.

HD 3.6 The diver may change the statement of dives before the last dive immediately after the previous dive. If a new statement of dives is not submitted within the prescribed time, the diver shall perform the dives as indicated in the initial submission. .

HD 3.7 When the closing times have passed, no change in the statement of dives shall be permitted.

HD 3.8 The statement of dives shall contain the following information in the order of execution of the dives:

-The number of each dive according to Rules 1.4.1 to 1.4.7

-The execution or position of the dive according to Rule 1.4.8

-The degree of difficulty as determined by the Formula described in Rule D 1.5

HD 3.9 The dives in each round shall be executed by all the divers consecutively, according to the starting order.

HD 3.10 The statement of dives shall take precedence over the scoreboard and any announcement.