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Rules and Regulation


HD 2.1 General

HD 2.1.1 The order of diving shall be determined by a random draw. This shall be held at a technical meeting immediately after the final training session and prior to the first day of competition. When available an electronic draw shall be used 

HD 2.1.2 If the competition is divided into sessions, the divers shall compete in reverse order of their ranking determined by the total scores at the end of the previous session. In the case of a tie, the dive order shall be determined by a draw between the affected divers. 

HD 2.1.3 When two or more divers score the same number of points, a tie shall be declared for that particular place. 

HD 2.1.4 In all events, the diver with the highest total points shall be declared the winner of that event. Their final points shall rank the remaining divers. 

The procedure for protests is outlined in GR 9.2.

HD 2.2 27m / 20m Platform

HD 2.2.1 All entered divers will be required to submit experience evidence for qualification purposes to the THDC.

HD 2.2.2 The points of all dives are added.

HD 2.2.3 The height of the Men’s competition shall be 27 metre.

HD 2.2.4 The height of the Women’s competition shall be 20 metre.

The Competition Format is outlined in By Law: BL 15