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Rules and Regulation


HD 1.1 These Rules shall govern all FINA High Diving competitions covered by BL 9 (World Championships) and BL 11 (World Cups)

HD 1.2 All high diving installations shall be in accordance with the FINA Facilities Rules, inspected and approved by the delegate of FINA, and a member of the Technical High Diving Commission no later than 120 days prior to the start of the competitions. Construction of new installations should be subject to an inspection of the proposed site and environmental conditions prior to commencement.

HD 1.3 Divers younger than 18 years on December 31st in the year of the competition shall not be permitted to compete at the World Championships or World Cups.

HD 1.4 Diving Number Designations

HD 1.4.1 All dives shall be designated by a system of 3, 4 or 5 numerals followed by a single letter.

HD 1.4.2 The first digit (or the first two digits) shall indicate the group to which the dive belongs:

1=Forward (Group 1)
2=Back (Group 2)
3=Reverse (Group 3) 
4=Inward (Group 4)
51=Front Twist (Group 5) 
52=Back Twist (Group 6) 
53=Reverse Twist (Group 7) 
54=Inward Twist (Group 8) 
6=Armstand (Group 9) 

HD 1.4.3 In the Front, Back, Reverse and Inward groups without twists, a 1 in the second digit indicates that the dive has a flying action during the dive. When there is no flying action the second digit shall be 0.

HD 1.4.4 The third digit shall indicate the number of half somersaults being performed. For example 2 = 1 somersault, 8 = 4 somersaults, etc. When there are more than 4 1⁄2 somersaults there will be four digits with the third and fourth digits indicating the number of half somersaults. For example 10 = 5 somersaults as 1010.

HD 1.4.5 In Armstand dives the second digit indicates the group or direction to which the dive belongs:

1 = Front
2 = Back
3 = Reverse

HD 1.4.6 In the Twisting group (those dives beginning with the digit 5) the second digit indicates the group or direction of the take-off as listed in D 1.4.2 above.

HD 1.4.7 In the Twisting and Armstand groups the fourth digit shall indicate the number of half twists being performed. When there are more than 4 1⁄2 twists the last two digits indicates the number of 1⁄2 twists. For example 62510 in Armstand 2 1⁄2 somersault back with 5 twists. In this case the number designation content 5 numerals.

HD 1.4.8 The letter at the end of the dive number shall indicate the position in which the dive is performed:

E=3 position

HD 1.4.9 Free” position means any combination of the other positions and is restricted in its use in some Twisting and Armstand dives.

HD 1.4.10 3 positions means that during the dive all positions A, B and C must be shown.

HD 1.4.11 The dives are divided into five (5) take-off positions: 


HD 1.5 Degree of Difficulty

HD 1.5.1 The degree of difficulty of each dive is calculated using the following formula (the component values of the formula are outlined in Appendix 1):


HD 1.5.2 As a guide dives with their numbers and DD are tabled in Appendix 2.

HD 1.5.3 Any dive, which is not tabled in Appendix 2 but used in a competition, shall be given the dive number and DD as determined in accordance with Rules HD 1.4 and HD 1.5.

HD 1.5.4 The Appendixes 1 and 2 are established by the FINA Technical High Diving Commission (HTDC) and approved by the FINA Bureau.