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Rules and Regulation


GR 2.1 A competition organised by a National Federation, Regional Body or Club in which other FINA recognised Federations, Clubs or Individuals participate, shall be regarded as an International Competition.

GR 2.2 A Member shall not admit to its membership any club affiliated to another Member.

GR 2.3 Any competitor who temporarily or permanently changes his residence to another country may join a club affiliated to the Member in the new country and shall be regarded as coming within the jurisdiction of the latter.

GR 2.4 No team shall be designated by the title of a country or Sport Country unless the competitors have been selected by the Member of the country or Sport Country.

GR 2.5 When a competitor or competition official represents his/her country in a competition, he/she shall be a citizen, whether by birth or naturalisation, of the nation he/she represents, provided that a naturalised citizen shall have lived in that country for at least one year prior to that competition. Competitors, who have more than one nationality according to the laws of the respective nations must choose one “Sport Nationality” and be affiliated to one Member only.

GR 2.6 Any competitor or competition official changing his affiliation from one national governing body to another must have resided in the territory of and been under the jurisdiction of the latter for at least twelve months prior to his first representation for the country.

GR 2.6.1 Proof of Residence 1) Residence means the place/country where the competitor or competition official “lives and sleeps” and where he/she can be found in the majority of days of the year. 2) The proof of residence must include documentation establishing the applicant resides in the country. In this regard the official school or university confirmation or employment contract or any other relevant documentation may constitute evidence. 2 FINA General Rules, valid as of 29 January 2015 3) Certified registration of an address in the «new» country for at least twelve (12) months prior to first representation of the competitor or competition official for the «new» country must be sent to FINA.

GR 2.6.2 Proof of Jurisdiction 1) Certified membership in a club of the new country 2) Confirmation from the FINA Member of that country 3) Official result lists from national championships, national, regional or international club competitions in which the applicant has participated for his/her “new” club during the GR 2.6 requested time 4) Applicants cannot represent any of the countries during the “transfer period”

GR 2.7 Any application for change of affiliation must be approved by FINA.