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Rules and Regulation


FR 7.1 General requirements: Water Polo Dimensions and Equipment as detailed in Field of Play for Olympic Games and World Championships. See Water Polo Diagram, Annex 4

FR 7.2 Field of Play. The distance between the respective goal lines shall be 30.0 metres for games played by men and 25.0 metres for games played by women. The anchor point at the edge of the field of play shall be placed 30cm behind the front of the goal line. The width of the
field of play shall be 20.0 metres. The depth of the water shall be consistently not less than 1.8 metres and preferred 2.0m. The overall field of play including the goal area will be 30m x 25m for men and 25m x 20m for women.

FR 7.3 The water temperature shall not be less than 26° plus 1° minus 1° Centigrade.

FR 7.4 The light intensity shall not be less than 600 lux.

FR 7.5 Exception from FR 7.2 may be allowed on the discretion of the federation controlling the match.

FR 7.6 The game secretariat shall be placed at a table behind the referees and at the same height